7 Applications of ChainGPT’s AI

Becoming the focal point of technological innovation, AI has begun to seep across industries into every major application and push the boundaries of human potential.

Powered by the $CGPT token and explicitly designed for the Web3 industry, ChainGPT has synthesized breakthroughs in distributed computation, large language models, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, to develop a suite of AI-enhanced utilities that optimize the creative cycle and informational value chain for market participants of every level.

Here are the seven major applications of ChainGPT’s systems today.

Chatbot Assistant:

Your Trusted Web3 concierge.

Chatbots are programs that simulate human conversation.

Ideal for streamlining routine, general-purpose interactions, chatbots are a responsive database of information that is provided through a very familiar user-friendly interface (chat).

ChainGPT has purpose-built its AI Chatbot on a massive foundation of cryptocurrency and blockchain information to serve as a consigliere that can serve and distill domain-specific knowledge within seconds.

Confused about a DEFI protocol?
Looking to learn more about a specific sector?
Want to find out how your code works?
Have an idea and need some inspiration to craft your smart contract?

From programmer to trader to business developer and beyond, ChainGPT’s assistant has you covered.

It’s worth noting what sets ChainGPT’s assistant apart from more generalized chatbots like ChatGPT. Recency. Constantly monitoring the state of the industry, the ChainGPT chatbot is guaranteed to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information on any subject.

Come try it out and see for yourself!
💻 → Beta web version here ← 💻
👀 → Telegram Interface here ← 👀

Smart Contracts Generator & Auditor (Solidity)

Developer on Demand.

Smart contracts are the basis of the entire industry. They are the programs that bring ideas to life and value on-chain.

Are you a shadowy super coder?

Come run your code through the ChainGPT auditor before you deploy and make sure your logic is airtight!

No programming experience?
No problem!

ChainGPT’s chat interface simplifies the whole process, from ideation to creation to auditing, and with the right promoting, even implementation. Spin up custom smart contracts based on leading industry standards with a few lines of text by asking questions and accurately describing your intentions.

Are you a small team that needs an extra pair of hands?
ChainGPT is here to serve.

Come try it out and see for yourself!
👨‍💻 → Beta web version available ←👩‍💻

Dev Assist:

The Third Eye.

A browser extension that scans smart contracts live?

Yes, please!

Smart contracts can be difficult to interpret. Complex on the surface, you don’t always know what its purpose is. Odds are the developer who created it will not be available to sit down and tell you how it works.

Have no fear, Dev Assist is here!

Acting as an added layer of pre-emptive security, the Dev Assist plugin is a visual guide that translates messy code into simple terms right in front of your eyes.

Anytime you interact with a dapp or have a contract open on your screen, simply interact with the Dev Assist plugin and it will translate what the contract intends to do and how.

Did we mention that it’s open-sourced?

Why not protect yourself and learn along the way?
👨‍💻 → V1.0 is live, Web Page, Documentation Page ←👩‍💻

Generated News:

Turning FUD into fiction and noise into Facts.

Information moves at the speed of light.

Protocols are being hacked, regulators are barking, and Satoshi Nakamoto is still nowhere to be found.

Trying to track hundreds of different outlets manually can be daunting, exhausting, and oftentimes yield low-no quality information.

Instead of relying on Twitter anons to send you some alpha or praying that your news outlet is the first to serve up the latest breakthroughs, just ask ChainGPT any time of day to keep you updated on any interesting developments.

Read all about it!
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Generated NFTs:

Art a-la AI.

They said creativity would be the last facet of AI’s development. Seems like they either underestimated its potential or have now redefined creativity. What used to take a human’s days if not months to do, can now be spun up by a generative agent in seconds.

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are an absurdly abstract asset class that has given arbitrary forms of value an artistic digital medium to realize itself through. Collectibles, in-game items, membership passes, profile pictures, and anything else that the mind can visualize; NFTs can materialize.

ChainGPT’s NFT engine offers extended functionality to its users by allowing them to first iterate different versions of their NFT images before committing to minting them on-chain.

The process would work by having users enter the NFT generator tool, and loading a prompt for the engine to create. After ChainGPT outputs its interpretation of the directions the users have an option to decide whether or not they are satisfied with the result. Once they arrive at a desired outcome they will be presented with three minting options:
1) Single Mint with open mint function
2) Unique 1-of-1 mint,
3) Multi-mint collection (size: 1–100 NFTs in beta / 10,000 in V1)

See how creative you can be!
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Trading Assistant:

Making Patterns Make Sense.

“If it makes sense (cents). It makes Dollars.”

Technical analysis (TA) is an intellectually intensive process of pattern recognition based on historical price actions and a smorgasbord of indicators.

Rather than having to use a textbook to detect similarities and inspect charts one indicator at a time, plug your desired strategies, parameters, and outcomes into ChainGPT and increase the surface area of your analytics by having it process thousands for you.

The ChainGPT model has been trained on every possible chart, fed every strategy, and instructed to optimize pattern detection. Its algorithms will automatically extrapolate key data points and build a predictive assumption based on historical facts.

Take your trading to the next level!
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The Engine — ChainGPT’s Blockchain-based AI cloud operating system.

VMs (Virtual Machines) are software circuit boards. They are created through the aggregation of resources from a network of separate physical devices and act as secured environments to execute code at a higher capacity than on a single machine.

ChainGPT’s high demand for a secure, unique environment to process its operations calls for its own virtual machine. Crafted to be compatible with the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), CGVM has been designed with an AI inference to enable the development of AI applications directly on-chain.

See what can be made possible!
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Professionals and enthusiasts from every walk of life have gathered to romanticize the possibilities of a world with autonomous intelligent agents. While they sit around a campfire and talk about it, ChainGPT is at the forefront of this renaissance shipping product.

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