Aether Games IDO Specially for ChainGPT Pad's Diamond Tier: Led by Industry Titans to Forge the Future of Gaming

ChainGPT Pad, renowned for its exceptional IDO services, earned the award of the most popular launchpad in 2023 and secured the title for 'Top IDO Launchpad by Average ROI' as recently as January 2024, ChainGPT Pad's success is a testament to its commitment to excellence and its strategic selection of innovative startups. Now, ChainGPT Pad is offering an exclusive opportunity for Diamond Tier members: the Aether Games IDO. Aether Games is a transmedia development studio that creates immersive gaming and entertainment experiences for both web2 and web3.

About Aether Games

Aether Games stands at the vanguard of a gaming revolution, masterfully fusing the rich tapestry of traditional gaming with the innovation of blockchain technology.

Product Lineup

  • Cards of Ethernity TBA (CoE/Aether TCG):  This unique TCG IP platform with a GaaS (Gaming as a Service) model has attracted attention from giants like Amazon Studios, Sony Pictures, and HBO. With a built-in audience of over 10 million US players and substantial marketing investment, Cards of Ethernity demonstrates immense potential.
Aether Games: Trading Card Game
  • Gates of Ethernity (GoE):  This strategic auto battler challenges players to build powerful teams and make calculated decisions for battlefield dominance.
  • Aether Saga (Series): A CGI series planned for major streaming platforms will expand the franchise, reaching wider audiences with thrilling narratives and captivating visuals. Fully CGI 3D cinematic dark fantasy series about Holda and Einar, immersing the audience into the world of Aether. Aether Saga is a captivating story set in a mystical Viking world where ancient Norse mythology intertwines with magical elements.
Aether Saga
  • Aether Social Hub: Unique cross-game and cross-platform WebApp plus account abstraction wallet, harboring player’s progress, collections, pets, characters, avatars, heirlooms, crafting resources, cards, supporting auctions, and player-to-player (p2p) asset trades & rentals. Allows access to Aether Vault staking program.

From Ownership Challenges to Web3 Accessibility

The Challenge:

  • In regular games, you don't truly own the stuff you earn or buy within the game.
  • Crypto games are often too complicated for regular gamers.
  • Players experience issues with keeping their game consistent across different platforms.

The Solution:

  • Aether Games is working with a huge, already popular game franchise (over 100 million fans!). They’ll keep the name secret for now.
  • Aether Games makes it easy for regular gamers to get into crypto gaming without confusing stuff.
  • They make it easy for traditional gamers to own their items as NFTs and play across multiple platforms, improving the gaming experience and expanding crypto gaming's audience.

Revenue Streams

Aether Games will tap into numerous revenue sources:

  • Game Development
  • CGI / Animation
  • Film-streaming (HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime)
  • NFT Sales
  • Token $AEG (Market making)
  • IP Licensing
  • API share + Revenue share
  • Battle passes
  • Esports Events
  • Marketplace Royalties
  • IN-GAME Sales
  • IP Development deals
  • AI Game Mode (P2E)
  • Merchandise

Token Utility ($AEG)

The $AEG token powers Aether Games' entire on-chain ecosystem:

  • Tokenization of in-game assets, making loot tradable and rentable.
  • Multi-stage Card Awakening for creating more powerful card versions.
  • Crafting new on-chain cards by combining components and $AEG.
  • Disenchantment to reclaim a percentage of $AEG from existing on-chain assets.
  • Esports rewards for leagues and grand tournaments.
  • Customization of adventurers and 3D companions.
  • Staking with Heirlooms and the Aether Vault.

Where does the token get its value?

  • Need for Use: Players use the token ($AEG) to buy or rent assets and to turn these items into NFTs. So, as more people play and new content is added, the demand for the token goes up.
  • Fewer Tokens Around: Every time someone turns an item into an NFT, they use up some of the tokens, meaning fewer tokens are available. This makes the token more valuable over time.

Aether Games Highlights

Aether Games enjoys significant recognition within the gaming community:

  • #1 project on Zealy ("All time" and "Trendy").
  • Raised over $12M in token presale and digital asset sales.
  • Strong community: 100k+ members on Twitter, 55k+ on Discord, 44k+ on Telegram, 20k+ registered users in Aether: Trading Card Game
  • Well-connected in Web3, Hollywood, and beyond with hundreds of prominent contacts
  • Served as a Golden Reel Awards Judge (2016-2021)



Q1 2024:

  • Aether Launcher release
  • Aether Achievements release
  • Small Aether TCG card expansion
  • Token Generation Event (February) 
  • Card Sacrifice Altar (Game feature)
  • Aether TCG Crafting release
  • Aether TCG Awakening release

Q2 2024:

  • Aether Subnet live
  • Aether Saga Episode 1
  • Aether TCG Card Expansion
  • Aether TCG UI/UX updates
  • Aether TCG: Public Esports tournament season

Q3 2024:

  • Aether Saga Episode 2
  • Aether Saga Episode 3
  • Aether P2P Marketplace
  • Aether TCG card expansion

Q4 2024:

  • S1 Esports Begins
  • Teamfights Mode Release
  • Campaign Mode Release
  • Colosseum Mode Release
  • King of The Hill Mode Release
  • Boss Fight Mode Release
  • Advanced Hollywood AI Integration release
  • Custom Character Creator Release
  • New Maps, Boards, Skins, Cardbacks, VFX

Team’s Involvement in AAA Game Development

Team’s involvement in AAA game development.

The Brains Behind Aether Games

A team featuring talent from award-winning and critically acclaimed projects like Hearthstone, Love, Death & Robots, Legends of Runeterra, God of War, SMITE, Vikings: War of Clans, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Hearthstone, Raid: Shadowlegends, Honor of Kings and Primal Carnage.
Aether's Founding Member created Primal Carnage.

  • Jens Peeters - CEO: At only 15 years old, Jens was the highest-rated player in World of Warcraft. Becoming a multi-rank 1 player in WoW led him to become close friends with other professional gamers, eventually becoming an Esports manager. Since then Jens has worked with Mastercard Priceless, Lenovo Legion, Veritas, and other top brands.
  • Sebastian Martin Andres - CFO: Sebastian has been an entrepreneur for the last 15 years, having founded 3 companies related to the pharmaceutical industry. He also runs a company related to gambling (poker and betting). Being a crypto investor since 2017, he is one of the angel investors of Aether Games and the actual CFO. 
  • Clément Martin - Director & CG Generalist: Clément has worked on very well-known AAA CGI teasers including God of War, Farcry 6, Baldur's Gate 3, Runeterra, The Crew, and many more. Having worked on Love, Death & Robots seasons 1 & 2, Clément is well respected in the CGI space and the CEO of noOne studio.
  • Denis Puhleacov - Game Development Director: An entrepreneur with an irresistible desire to bring new products to life and introduce new technologies and improvements. CEO at Red Rift with over 150 employees.
  • Andrzej Kostyuk - CPO: With a track record of over 8 years, he has led campaigns and strategic sales initiatives in sectors like IT, Biotech, Defense, and Game Development. 
  • Thomas Barrate - Director, CG Supervisor: Thomas is mostly known for being the director of light & photography on the episodes Snow In The Desert and Beyond The Aquilla Rift of the popular Netflix show Love, Death & Robots. Having worked at Unit Image for over 6 years on titles like God of War, Farcry 6, and Baldurs Gate 3, he has built up a high standard of supervising Environment Modeling, Shading, Scene Assembly, Lighting, Rendering, and Compositing.
  • Dmitrii Miachin - Audio Director & Transmedia Affairs: Dmitrii, Founder of DFAD, has shipped over 400 titles in Tech, Gaming, AI, Media, TV, and Film, including popular titles like Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Honor of Kings. He brings a network of Hollywood A-listers, studios, and transmedia pioneers.
  • Aaron Pollack - Director of Strategy & Growth: Aaron is the CBS for DF Group and the Founder of the “Primal Carnage” video game franchise for PC & PlayStation. He is a UC Berkeley graduate with an MBA and has advised numerous tech/game startups on fundraising and game design.

IDO Specifications‍: The Numbers Game 📊

  • Token Price: $0.045 
  • IDO Date: February 28th, 2024
  • Token Symbol: $AEG
  • Allocation Size: $130,000 (Exclusive to Diamond Tier Members)
  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Network: Polygon
  • ‍Initial Market Cap (IMC): $2,470,000 
  • Circulating Supply at TGE: 54.9 Million AEG
  • Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV): $45,000,000
  • Vesting Schedule: 25% at TGE, no cliff, then 5 months linear vesting.
  • Launchpads: ChainGPT Pad and Polkastarter 
  • ‍Listing Details: TBA

Conclusion: A Game-Changer for Crypto Gaming

ChainGPT Pad, with its track record of launching successful projects, and Aether Games, with its innovative approach to gaming, are combining forces for an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) that promises to revolutionize the gaming industry. This collaboration offers an exciting opportunity for Diamond Tier members to be part of a groundbreaking venture. Aether Games, leveraging its expertise and unique vision, is set to bridge the gap between traditional gaming and the web3 space, making it simpler for gamers to enjoy true ownership and seamless cross-platform play. With ChainGPT Pad's support, this IDO is not just an investment opportunity but a doorway into the future of gaming where technology meets entertainment in unprecedented ways.

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