ChainGPT Incubation: Solidus AI Tech

Solidus AI Tech, has passed the rigorous ChainGPT qualitative assessments and been inducted into the ChainGPT Incubation program. The vision, mission, and team behind Solidus AI Tech has inspired us to provide support on their journey into Web3.

We are proud to announce that Solidus AI Tech is officially incubated by ChainGPT.

What is Solidus AI Tech?

Based in Europe, Solidus AI Tech is a Web3 infrastructure and AI services company that has built their own 8,000 square foot facility to house the hardware that provisions their computational services. They are developing a full stack of cutting-edge software solutions including Artificial-Intelligence-as-a-service (AIaaS), Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS), High Performance Computing power (HPC), and an Artificial Intelligence marketplace.

Solidus AI Tech Solution and Unique Benefits

💻 High Performance Computing Costs reduction
HPC is notoriously demanding in terms of energy. Solidus AI Tech has developed a proprietary solution that improves hardware efficiencies by 40% above the benchmark rate of existing industry standards.

🧮 Custom Data Center
Solidus AI Tech has been able to secure a location with some of the lowest-cost energy and highest internet speed internet in all of Europe. With the presence of an in-house data center, Solidus AI Tech is in control of the computational supply chain and has full sovereignty in optimizing its service across every vertical of supply and demand. Built in Bucharest, the facility spans some 8,000 square feet and operate under ISO 14001:2015.

🏗 Relentless Infrastructure Optimization
The research and development department of Solidus AI Tech is restless about optimizing its computation systems. In search of maximal efficiency and minimal power consumption, they have placed emphasis on improving their physical infrastructure which will in turn improve the quality of the software infrastructure they provide to their clients.

🌳 Eco Friendly Computation IP (Intellectual Property)
A byproduct of the Solidus AI Tech focus on optimization has resulted in the creation of intellectual property that is much friendly for the environment with its efficient (lowered) consumption of energy and heightened computational capacity.

🏰 Government Enterprise Blockchain Solutions
Utilizing a combination of its software and hardware solutions, Solidus AI Tech is able to service the most demanding use cases while adhering to NATO quality assurance standard. From voting, taxation, land registration, and supply chain traceability to Healthcare and Identity management; the security, flexibility and expertise Solidus AI Tech provides caters to every grade of entity.

More information on the solutions Solidus AI Tech is creating refer to their official whitepaper 📃

Who is the team behind Solidus AI Tech?

One of the most distinguishing factors about Solidus AI Tech is there extremely well formed, experienced, and diverse team. There are 12 core members working on bringing Solidus AI Tech to market:

Paul, a natural overachiever, holds himself to exceptionally high standards in every aspect of his life. As an ambitious entrepreneur, he swiftly established himself as a prosperous investor early on in his career. Initially focusing on Property & Fine Art, Paul’s trajectory changed when he was introduced to Bitcoin in 2015, igniting an unwavering passion within him. From that point forward, he never glanced back.

Adrian, the President of Optoelectronica and the Founder of Soft Galaxy, is driven by a mission to leverage his expertise in hardware and software to usher in a new era of computing and data processing worldwide. His visionary approach aims to propel technological progress, unlocking fresh opportunities for research and development, as well as revolutionizing our interaction with technology.

Catalin is a highly experienced and results-driven IT specialist, known for his expertise in various domains including software development, product design and architecture, Scrum and Agile methodologies, as well as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. With a clear focus on achieving organizational goals, Catalin leverages his diverse skill set to enhance technological advancements and drive system development within the organization.

“Ducu,” a retired Brigadier General from the Romanian Air Force, brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to the table. With an illustrious career as a squadron leader in Air Force Staff operational units, Chief of Military Intelligence, and Deputy Military Representative to NATO and EU, Ducu’s mission is to facilitate the transfer of technology and share his profound knowledge in the application of Artificial Intelligence within the Defense sector.

Marius is a distinguished member of the Board of Directors and holds the esteemed position of Chief Scientist for Defence, Security, and SSA at the Romanian Space Agency. Additionally, he serves as a valued member of the EU Economic and Social Committee and brings his expertise to the NATO-SPS and EDA-EOST as an esteemed expert.

As the Director of the R&D Team, Alexandra brings a wealth of expertise in Remote Sensing, X-ray, and Laser technologies. Her mission is to spearhead the development of laser-based communications for the Solidus HPC infrastructure, revolutionizing the way data is transmitted within the system. With her extensive knowledge and experience in these cutting-edge technologies, Alexandra is a key driver in advancing the capabilities of our infrastructure.

Will is a results-oriented professional with a keen strategic acumen and a consultative approach. His unwavering enthusiasm for blockchain technology and artificial intelligence drives his involvement in various aspects of the business. With over 15 years of experience in both the B2B and B2C sectors, Will has consistently delivered exceptional value to clients, earning a remarkable track record of success.

Tom Buswell | HEAD OF DESIGN
Tom is a seasoned designer with a diverse background encompassing web design, marketing, animation, and art direction. His expertise and proficiency have propelled him to lead successful campaigns with prestigious brands such as BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce, and News UK (The Times and The Sun). Today, he brings his invaluable skills and experience to our team.

With over a decade of experience in content creation, creative marketing, and celebrity management on a global scale, Sina has spearheaded more than 5000 projects, collaborating with renowned brands such as Alienware, Dell, Canon, Volkswagen, DHL, and Amazon, among many others.

Talha possesses a specialized expertise in promoting cryptocurrency and associated products. His profound understanding of the dynamic crypto market has allowed him to cultivate trust and foster widespread adoption through innovative strategies.

Jamie brings a wealth of experience in effectively liaising and communicating with a diverse range of investors. With a knack for simplifying complex projects, he takes pleasure in ensuring that investors gain a comprehensive understanding of the business.

Umar is a proactive and highly capable individual with a strong commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. With a keen eye for detail and a genuine passion for ensuring client satisfaction, Umar consistently goes above and beyond to provide a 5-star experience that aligns perfectly with the organization’s values.

More information about each team member, as well as links to their social media available 📃

Solidus AI Tech Tokenomics

With a vision of maximal distribution and inclusion of its product, AI Tech is implementing its own token, $AITECH.

Token Specifications:

Token Name: AI Tech
Token Symbol: $AITECH
Token Standard: BEP-20
Issuing Network: Binance Smart Chain
Total Supply: 2,000,000,000

Token Utilities:

1️⃣ IaaS Access: Providing universally accessible infrastructure-as-a-service software solutions to any and all participants holding the $AITECH token
Staking: Generation of $AITECH based yield, which in turn expands potential IaaS access opportunities.
DAO Governance: Membership into the AI Tech decentralized autonomous organization to help steer the direction of the project and participate in voting on decisions for its development.
Marketplace Incentives: AI solutions that are provided by the community will be presented in the Solidus AI Tech marketplace; those that rank highest according to the public’s opinion (based on quality, applicability, and consistency, among other things) will be rewarded with $AITECH tokens.

More information on Solidus AI Tech’s $AITECH token can be found in the dedicated section of their whitepaper: 📃 Aitech-token section

What are we providing for Solidus/AITech?

As a provider of AI powered infrastructure to the Web3 industry, ChainGPT is stepping in to provide Solidus AITech with a full stack of technologies and advisory services to help them materialize their products and amplify their online presence.

Starting with our AI model and its deep domain expertise within the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 space, Solidus AI Tech will be plugging into our systems and streamlining their informational quality assurances while maximizing its accuracy.

Through the mentorship network of our incubator program, we have opened doors to and built relationships with some of the industry’s leading Venture Capital firms and decentralized service providers for Solidus AITech to integrate with.

Harnessing the power of ChainGPTs social media presence, we have begun to educate over 300,000 $CGPT community members about the potential of Solidus AI Tech. Disseminating information as far and wide as possible has served well in bringing attention to their project and attracting early supporters of their mission.


Solidus AI Tech is among an ultra-exclusive select group of projects that have been accepted into the first generation of incubation by ChainGPT. The nature of their project within the category of artificial intelligence creates powerful synergies between them and us, leading to promising, fruitful, long-term relationships that transcend market cycles.

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