April Partnership Recap — ChainGPT

With a whopping 26 new partnerships having been established in the month of April, ChainGPT is on track to becoming the industry standard for AI integrations across all of Web3!

KyberSwap x ChainGPT

Listing on Kyberswap, one of the most deeply liquid multi-chain DEX’s.
📊 Trade on KyberSwap

Thena x ChainGPT

Listing on thena.fi; tapping into deep BNB chain liquidity.
📊 Trade on Thena.fi

Kucoin x ChainGPT

Listing on KuCoin, the fourth largest centralized exchange.
📊 Trade on Kucoin


Listing on the MEXC, a top 20 centralized exchange with POR transparency.
📊 Trade on MEXC

ByBit x ChainGPT

Listing on ByBit, the leading Derivatives exchange by volume.
📊 Trade on ByBit

BitGet x ChainGPT

Listing on BitGet, a top 10 centralized exchange.
📊 Trade on BitGet

Gate.io x ChainGPT

Listing on Gate, one of the most mature exchanges, operating since 2013.
📊 Trade on Gate.io

CoinSpot x ChainGPT

Listing on CoinSpot, Australia’s oldest spot exchange.
📊 Trade on CoinSpot

Seedify x ChainGPT

Successfully closing out the $CGPT IGO on Seedify with 5,921 participants.
📣 Official Announcement

Enjinstarter x ChainGPT

IDO target achieved on the Enjinstarter platform.
👉 IDO Listing

Poolz x ChainGPT

Setting the record for the largest number of users to participate in an IDO on Poolz Finance, we completed another successful round of IDO.
📣 Official Announcement

Weepad x ChainGPT

With 1,391 transactions in support of ChainGPT’s IDO, the raise target was achieved and allocation was completely sold out.
📣 Official Announcement

Certik x ChainGPT

Getting an industry standard smart contract security audit, listing on Skynet, and launching a bug bounty program.
👉 Check out CGPT on Certik

Prom x ChainGPT

Bringing AI enhancements to the Prom.io NFT gaming ecosystem.
📣 Official Announcement

TeamFinance x ChainGPT

Deployment of the $CGPT token locker and protecting liquidity.
📣 Official Announcement

TonStarter x ChainGPT

Expanding ChainGPT’s footprint to the Ton Network and Telegram.
📣 Official Announcement

Carbon x ChainGPT

Providing ChainGPT plugin application to Carbon’s Web3 DApp store for a native integration into their decentralized browser and whitelisting $CGPT for Carbon’s upcoming multichain browser wallet
📣 Official Announcement

PlayZap Games x ChainGPT

Bringing the power of ChainGPT’s AI to the F2P skill game on BNB.
📣 Official Announcement

Decubate x ChainGPT

Successful crowdfunding and launch of Learn-to-earn with Decubate.
📣 Official Announcement

Yay Network x ChainGPT

Expanding ChainGPT’s professional presence by harmonizing marketing and business development efforts with advisory guidance from Yay Network’s world-class team.
📣 Official Announcement 1, Announcement 2

Ferrum x ChainGPT

Having Ian Friend, join the advisory board and Ferrum Ventures invest in ChainGPT was only sweetened with Ferrum integrating our AI solutions for their multichain DEX aggregator and interoperability L1 mainnet.
📣 Official Announcement

Decrypt x ChainGPT

Launching the “Getting Started with AI course”.
👨‍🏫 Course Launched

Caduceus x ChainGPT

Enchaining the creative experience for developers by allowing them to take advantage of ChainGPT’s AI technology within the Caduceus ecosystem.
📣 Official Announcement

BabyDoge x ChainGPT

Token listing and community unification, integrating CGPT into BabyDoge.
📣 Official Announcement

DexCheck x ChainGPT

Integrating Chain GPT’s AI into the DexCheck analytics dashboard.
📣 Official Announcement

Orbofi x ChainGPT

Expansion of AI’s impact on the content in Web3.
📣 Official Announcement

ChainGPT is always looking to grow its footprint, build relationships, and contribute to the industry. Many new partnerships will be taking place in the month of May!

If you are a project, or know of a project that would like to partner up please reach out to us here!

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