beoble IDO Exclusively for ChainGPT Pad's Diamond Tier: The Next-Gen Web3 Communication Platform

ChainGPT Pad, renowned for its exceptional IDO services, earned the award of the most popular launchpad in 2023 and secured the title for 'Top IDO Launchpad by Average ROI' as recently as January 2024, ChainGPT Pad's success is a testament to its commitment to excellence and its strategic selection of innovative startups. Now, ChainGPT Pad is offering an exclusive opportunity for Diamond Tier members: the beoble IDO. beoble is a groundbreaking communication infrastructure that enables seamless chat interactions between wallets.

Unveiling beoble: A New Dawn in Web3 Communication

beoble is a pioneering communication platform and ecosystem set to redefine how users interact within the Web3 domain. At its core, Beoble offers a web-based chat application coupled with a comprehensive toolkit that empowers DApps to integrate chat functionalities effortlessly. This innovation supports the majority of main wallets, ensuring that every message is safeguarded with end-to-end encryption, prioritizing user privacy and data security above all.

Community Ownership and User Empowerment

A standout feature of beoble is its community-owned framework, which places the power directly in the users' hands. Engagement on the platform is rewarded with points, translating into shares within chatrooms proportional to active contributions. This unique model ensures that revenue generated by chatrooms is distributed fairly among members, promoting a genuine sense of ownership and community. Users can leverage their points for various benefits, including future airdrops, access to premium features, or to support fellow users, enhancing the communal ecosystem.

beoble: Bridging Web3 Communication Gaps

beoble aims to address the shortcomings of previous Web3 messaging attempts by delivering a superior messaging experience that rivals that of Web2, without compromising on privacy, security, or user experience. It stands as a testament to what Web3 technology can achieve when applied thoughtfully, ensuring users enjoy a seamless, secure, and rewarding communication experience.

Infrastructure and Integration

At its infrastructure level, beoble offers a suite of messaging and social modules, including APIs and SDKs, that enable Web3 services to integrate messaging and social profiles quickly and efficiently. This approach simplifies UI integration and boosts in-app engagement, significantly improving user retention and acquisition for native dApps.

How beoble Connects Your Web3 World

Cross-Chain Data Connectivity

Beoble offers exciting features using your Web3 data, like token-gated chats, NFT profile pictures, and stickers. But how does beoble manage this data across different blockchains?

beoble's Communication Delivery Graph (CDG)

beoble's synchronization with layer-1 blockchains

beoble uses the Communication Delivery Graph (CDG) system to power its chat and information delivery. The CDG needs to access data from various blockchains to provide those Web3 features. To do this, Beoble indexes information about its users (not everyone on the blockchain) from the following chains:

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Avalanche
  • Solana
  • Aptos
  • Sui

Flexibility for the Future

beoble is designed to be adaptable.  As the need arises, support for additional blockchains can be added quickly.

Why beoble: Key Points

  • Investor Backing: beoble enjoys support from renowned investors like Samsung, Digital Currency Group, and HashKey Capital, signaling confidence in the project's potential.
  • SocialFi Success: As a leading SocialFi app with over 350,000 monthly active users, beoble demonstrates a proven track record in connecting the Web3 community.
  • Seamless Entry: beoble offers a "super-app" experience, simplifying Web3 interactions and enabling users to easily access token-gated communities.
  • User-Friendly Innovation: By blending Web3 functionality with the familiar feel of Web2 messaging, beoble lowers the barrier to entry and expands user adoption.
  • Global Appeal: beoble's rapid growth, particularly in the Asian market, highlights its potential to become a globally recognized "WhatsApp of Web3.


The Core Team: The Brains Behind beoble

  • Sung Cho (CEO and Co-founder): A seasoned developer with leadership experience at top-tier financial institutions (Citadel, Goldman Sachs) and as ex-CEO of a gaming startup with a backend and blockchain development background.
  • Jungwoo Yun (Co-founder): Brings vast experience from multiple startups as both co-founder and lead developer. His frontend and web3 development skills ensure beoble has a cutting-edge user experience.
  • CH Yim (Co-founder): A skilled full-stack developer with a background at JP Morgan and successful startups. His technical proficiency translates into a strong and reliable platform.
beoble Team
  • Carina Yu (Product Designer): Previously at Microsoft. Degree in Interaction Design at California College of Arts.
  • Mina Philemon (Software Engineer): Previously built Owls, an anonymous chat app.
  • SangYeop Jung (Software Engineer): Previously at Goldman Sachs.

IDO Specifications‍: 

  • Token Price: TBA
  • IDO Date: February 27th, 2024
  • Token Symbol: $BBL
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Allocation Size: $85,000 (Exclusive to Diamond Tier Members) 💎
  • Max Supply: TBA
  • ‍Initial Market Cap (IMC): TBA
  • Circulating Supply at TGE: TBA
  • Vesting Schedule: No lock up. 100% release at TGE.
  • Launchpads: ChainGPT, Ape Terminal
  • ‍Listing Details: TBA


As ChainGPT Pad introduces beoble to its Diamond tier members, it's clear that this partnership will revolutionize how we think about communication in the Web3 space. beoble's commitment to privacy, user experience, and community ownership, backed by a team of very experienced co-founders, places it in a unique position to lead the charge in Web3 communications. As the platform grows and evolves, it promises to unlock new possibilities for interaction, engagement, and community building within the digital world.

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