ChainGPT launches $CGPT on Ethereum, brings AI infrastructure multi-chain

DAO proposal #5 has been passed;
$CGPT will be bridged to Ethereum.
Multi-chain world, here we come!

As interest in ChainGPT and its native $CGPT token has been growing across the broader crypto industry, the community has decided to expand its on-chain presence beyond the Binance ecosystem and begin its interchain movement by bringing the $CGPT token to the most popular network in the industry, Ethereum.

In order to pursue this goal, a DAO Proposal was submitted for the community members to consider:

🧾 View DAO Proposal #5 🧾
Bridge $CGPT to the Ethereum Network”

Running from June 10th to June 12th, the proposal was passed with an absolute landslide majority of 100% support in favor of the bridge.


📆 Bridge opening date: June 19, 2023
🕑 Time: 10:00am EST | 2:00pm UTC

🌉 Bridge Partner: ChainPort (
📊 Exchanges:
Uniswap, KuCoin, BitGet, Gateio
💱 Market Makers:
KaironLabs & CLS

$CGPT Contract Address on Ethereum:

$CGPT Contract Address on Binance Smart Chain:

With the help of our partners at ChainPort we have developed a bi-directional token bridge for $CGPT from Binance Smart Chain to Ethereum. Now, the $CGPT community will be able to transfer their tokens between two of the dominant EVM networks. Additionally, they have lent a helping hand in expediting the process of having the ERC-20 variant of $CGPT listed on the leading on-chain Ethereum explorer and analytics site, Etherscan.

In the nature of borderless, open, economies, shortly after $CGPT is brought to Ethereum, a liquidity pool on the world’s prominent decentralized exchange, UniSwap, will be launched, making the token easily accessible for trading.

As it pertains to centralized venues, a multitude of major CEX’s including KuCoin, BitGet, ByBit, (among others) have signaled their support and willingness of including the ERC-20 variant on their platforms.

Being the most robust blockchain according to developer count, possessing deep liquidity of over $40 Billion USD in on-chain TVL, and housing nearly every major DEFI protocol, bringing $CGPT to Ethereum unlocks a new world of possibilities for uniting AI communities.

$CGPT will become the digital asset that brings AI capabilities to every community on every blockchain.

This is just its first step in the expansion of $CGPT’s presence in the multichain world. Moving forward, we will be exploring the possibilities of bringing $CGPT to more chains!

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