$CGPT Trading Campaign on Kucoin
Growing our presence,
Growing our holder base,
Growing the rankings of $CGPT.

A new challenge has been launched with our centralized exchange partner, Kucoin, inviting traders to compete for a share of the 120,000 $CGPT prize pool!

See what's possible, Join the Campaign!

Starting on September 14 at 12:00 AM UTC and running until September 19 at 12:00 AM, users have ~96  hours to conduct their $CGPT trades on Kucoin.

The rules are simple:

Trade as much $CGPT as you can within the time frame and based on your total turnover volume, you will be ranked against other traders on the platform.

The rewards breakdown as follows:

A total prize pool of 120,000 $CGPT, split into two groups.

Group A
50,000 $CGPT is allocated to the top 30 performers; the more trading volume a user generates (buys and sell), the higher they will rank.

1st place =  20,000 CGPT
2nd place = 7,000 CGPT
3rd place = 5,000 CGPT
4th — 5th place = 3,000 CGPT each (6,000 total)
6th — 10th place = 1,000 CGPT each (5,000 total)
11th — 20th place = 500 CGPT each (5,000 total)
21st — 30th place = 200 CGPT each (2,000 total)

Group B
0,000 $CGPT to be split evenly among all market participants that conduct trades worth a minimum of $500 USDT; not including the top 30 accounts from group A (they are excluded from these tokens).

Over 2,600 are already participating!
What are you waiting for?

Invitation to join right here:

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