CGPTsp —  ChainGPT Staking Points
ChainGPT has optimized the staking modules within the $CGPT token ecosystem and implemented CGPTsp (staking points).

CGPTsp stands for ChainGPT staking points, a weighted accounting system used to determine the degree of commitment a user has to the ChainGPT ecosystem based on the factors of their total amount of tokens staked and the duration of their stakes.

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CGPTsp Calculation

The algorithm for calculating CGPTsp has been kept maximally simple:

Total $CGPT tokens staked * the pool multiplier = Staking Points

1 staked $CGPT token equals 1 staking point.

Each staking pool has its own time parameters and yield curve that dictates the weight of its stake;

45 day pool | 1% APY | weight multiplier 1.0x
90 day pool | 3% APY | weight multiplier 1.3x
180 day pool | 5% APY | weight multiplier 1.5x
365 day pool | 8% APY | weight multiplier 2.0x

Staking 1,000 $CGPT into 45 day pool, they have 1,000 CGPTsp
Staking 1,000 $CGPT into 90 day pool, they have 1,300 CGPTsp
Staking 1,000 $CGPT into 180 day pool, they have 1,500 CGPTsp
Staking 1,000 $CGPT into 365 day pool, they have 2,000 CGPTsp

Staking in different pools will just aggregate the tier points accordingly; if 5,000 tokens are staked into the 45 day pool for 5,000 CGPTsp and 5,000 tokens into the 365 day pool for 10,000 CGPTsp then the user will have a total of 15,000 CGPTsp.

Benefits of Staking CGPT

CGPT is the native token of the ChainGPT ecosystem, it is used to facilitate the accounting of ownership rights within the community. Staking signals member commitment and unlocks the full spectrum of benefits of the product suite.

1) Gaining Ecosystem Tier Level
There are four tiers within the ChainGPT ecosystem, each tier provides its own unique benefits particularly for the ChainGPT Pad. (A deeper dive explaining the Tier system is available here)

2) Inclusion to participating in ChainGPT Pad
ChainGPT’s IDO platform that helps promising projects launch their digital assets and bootstrap their communities requires that users have a minimum of 1,000 CGPTsp.

3) Access ChainGPT AI Model
While ChainGPT does offer a fair share of its services for free, in order to experience unlimited access to every function of its AI model, users must stake their $CGPT tokens.

4) DAO Voting Power
The ChainGPT DAO is the $CGPT community’s hub for proposing, voting, and helping steer the direction of the project. By staking their tokens, users get accumulate voting power to have a greater impact in the decisions they wish to see implemented.

5) Generating Yield
Staking $CGPT provides yield in the form of CGPT emissions that ultimately balances out the token’s distribution fairly among contributors.

Where to view CGPTsp & Tier level?

Navigate to the official V1 application interface, connect your Web3 wallet, and then click the button at the top right. That will open your profile and show you a succinct overview of your overall ChainGPT ecosystem influence, including tier level, amount of CGPTsp, and other key factors.

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