ChainGPT AI NFT Saturday Spotlight: Winners for 05.18.

Get ready for a tasty treat in this week's ChainGPT AI NFT Saturday Spotlight, celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day! 🍕

We've discovered some delightful pizza-themed NFTs, each not only paying tribute to its creator’s cravings but also nodding to the historic first purchase made with Bitcoin.

Let's dive into these delicious creations and celebrate the fusion of food and crypto art!

🏅 Here are the winners: 

📜 What is ChainGPT AI NFT Saturday Spotlight? 

Four winners will be picked every Saturday, and each winner will be rewarded $25. This is probably the longest-running competition in Web3, as we’ve been rewarding our users for months.

The rewards will become available in users’ wallets shortly after the Saturday announcement. The rewards will only be attributed to wallet addresses for minting the winning NFTs. 

🎨 How to Participate? 

You don’t need to follow any particular guidelines or fill out a form to enter officially - the only thing you need to do is mint NFTs with our AI NFT Generator - whenever you want, and whatever you like, and our team will diligently browse through all generated and minted NFTs, selecting and rewarding the top four every Saturday.

Our team browses through endless pages of generated NFTs every week, picking the most interesting every week and rewarding four users with $25 each. 

Try out different prompts and commands to get the most interesting, attractive, and captivating NFT art, explore prompts in the ChainGPT Prompt Market, and browse through all minted NFTs to see what other users are creating.  

🏆 ChainGPT AI NFT Saturday Spotlight: Winners for 05.18.

To this date, ChainGPT AI NFT Generator users have minted well over 22,000.000 NFTs, and the numbers are still growing from one Saturday to the next! To celebrate your participation in minting fantastic NFTs with our AI NFT Generator, we are rewarding four lucky users every Saturday.

You can find the links to the winning NFTs below, and all the winners of this week’s AI NFT Saturday Spotlight can see their rewards in their wallets! 

💸 How to Claim the Reward?

Winners don’t have to claim their prize. If you have won one of the weekly NFT picks for the Saturday Spotlight event, your $25 will be attributed to the wallet address used to generate and mint the winning NFT. The reward will automatically be available in the same wallet address. See below if you are among this week’s winners, and check your wallet.