ChainGPT and SKALE Unite to Streamline NFT Creation with Gas-Free Blockchain Solutions

ChainGPT has formed a strategic partnership with SKALE, leveraging it's blockchain architecture designed to eliminate gas fees, providing a superior user experience. This partnership is designed to equip developers and creators with advanced tools for NFT design and AI-driven applications, emphasizing cost efficiency and scalability.

An Efficient Collaboration

At the core of this collaboration is ChainGPT's AI NFT Generator, now integrated with SKALE’s efficient network, which unlocks enhanced opportunities for NFT generation and blockchain integration. SKALE’s unique model, where developers and dApps absorb chain fees instead of end-users, allows for more accessible and sustainable transaction management.

Integration Insights

This collaboration integrates crucial elements that benefit both entities and their communities, facilitating seamless NFT generation and on-chain minting. The ChainGPT AI NFT Generator is fully adapted to the SKALE ecosystem, ensuring rapid production of AI-powered images and their direct minting on SKALE's blockchain. This integration allows creators to leverage SKALE’s no-gas-fee structure, streamlining the NFT development process while reducing costs.

Achievements and Milestones

Since the integration, the ChainGPT AI NFT Generator has produced over 22 million digital artworks, with thousands now minted on the SKALE network, emphasizing SKALE's growing popularity among NFT creators as a preferred platform in the Web3 space.

Conclusion: Enhancing Accessibility and Efficiency

The partnership between ChainGPT and SKALE is set to bring great value to our communities. By leveraging SKALE’s focus on eliminating gas fees alongside ChainGPT’s sophisticated AI tools, this collaboration seeks to democratize NFT creation. The intuitive AI tools developed by ChainGPT now enable a broader audience to engage with blockchain technology more affordable.


SKALE is redefining Ethereum scalability with a blockchain network that eliminates end-user gas fees. It supports various decentralized applications and is particularly advantageous for developers looking to operate in a cost-effective environment.

SKALE rewards validators based on performance, fostering a sustainable and efficient blockchain ecosystem. This approach has rapidly attracted a diverse range of applications, enhancing user experiences by sidestepping the traditional costs associated with blockchain transactions.

About ChainGPT

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