ChainGPT ($CGPT) Token Sale a Resounding Success: CEX Listings & Token Launch Info

We are thrilled to announce that our token sale has been an immense success. We managed to raise significant funds through the Initial DEX Offering (IDO), reaching our goals and creating a proper buzz within the industry. The support from our partners and backers was such that the $CGPT IDO broke records in terms of participants and engagement in all the IDO platforms.

The success of the sale demonstrates there’s a real appetite for the kind of AI solutions we’re developing, and we now have all the necessary resources to become one of the major AI players in the market.

In the following blospost participants can know more about the $CGPT token launch, claiming mechanisms, and the listing process.

Listing on major exchanges incoming

As part of its development plans, ChainGPT has outlined a detailed listing strategy that includes a clear timeline for unlocks, DEX and CEX listings. The token will be listed on several top-tier exchanges, including MEXC, Gateio, ByBit, BitGet, and KuCoin.

ChainGPT’s official CEX listings are scheduled for April 10th, 12:00 PM UTC, with vesting unlocks on a linear block-by-block basis, the full tokenomics can be seen here.

ChainGPT token buyers can purchase the tokens through a CEX or via PCS with their wallet. The company has also provided additional information and dates for its listing plan, as follows:

CEX listing: 12:00 PM UTC

Pancake Swap listing: 12:06 PM UTC

IDO Claim: 12:10 PM UTC

KOLs Claim: 12:13 PM UTC

Private B: 12:18 PM UTC

Private A: 12:23 PM UTC

Claim link:

ChainGPT is committed to delivering innovative AI solutions and is confident that its unique approach will set it apart from the competition. With the successful IDO and its upcoming listing, ChainGPT is poised for significant growth and is well-positioned to become a major player in the growing field of artificial intelligence.

About ChainGPT

ChainGPT’s highly sophisticated AI model simplifies navigating the Blockchain arena to an unprecedented degree. Whether you’re a businessperson, developer, trader, researcher, scientist, writer, or simply a cryptocurrency enthusiast, possessing ChainGPT is a must-have AI tool. Essentially, it’s like having your own personal expert to assist with everything related to Crypto and Blockchain.

ChainGPT has identified numerous use cases, such as developing Smart Contracts, managing risk, conducting market analysis, engaging in advanced AI trading, performing Blockchain analytics, elucidating code, providing knowledge and guidance, conducting AI audits, and delivering automated news.

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