ChainGPT Incubation: GT Protocol
We’re thrilled to share the exciting news that GT Protocol has officially joined the ChainGPT Incubation program.

What is GT Protocol?

GT Protocol is a pioneering web 3.0 non-custodial crypto investment and trading platform. Seamlessly integrating CeFi, DeFi, and NFT markets, GT Protocol offers an intuitive experience guided by conversational AI execution technology. Explore the future of crypto finance with control and ease at your fingertips.

Recent Achievements

Highlights of GT Protocol’s accomplishments so far.

💻 The product is live, offering real-time access to its array of robust features and services.

📈 Platform has impressively generated revenue exceeding the $900,000 mark.

🌍 Over 50,000 registered users have joined the platform, forming a substantial and diverse user base.

✅ Users have expressed their satisfaction through an impressive tally of over 8,000 positive reviews on the CoinPayments platform.

💬 Thriving community of more than 13,000 members on Telegram and 45,000 followers on Twitter, reflecting our active engagement with blockchain enthusiasts.

📝 Official partnership with Binance.

🤖 Incubated by ChainGPT, facilitating GT Protocol’s growth and development within web3 industry.


Insights into some of GT Protocol’s key products and their features.

📲 GT App:

1. GT Protocol offers an intuitive non-custody crypto investment experience guided by blockchain AI execution interface
2. Profitable strategies featuring controllable risk levels, along with a transparent and traceable history of every deal
3. Unique AI trading and investment tools powered by an AI execution technology
4. Access to crypto investments across DeFi, CeFi, and NFT markets

🛍 AI Shopping Assistance:

1. Utilize GT-Protocol AI for assistance in purchasing online goods at the best prices, quality, and delivery terms.
2. Receive your cash back in $GTAPP tokens.
3. Enhance your portfolio by reinvesting your cashback with the guidance of GT Protocol AI into the most exceptional crypto investment opportunities available on the market.

🔎 AI Crypto Management:

1. Use AI-Powered Portfolio Management.
2. Get benefits from AI-Powered Auto Trading.
3. Use AI to search for the best opportunities in crypto investment deals (IDO, Staking, Copy Trading, etc.).
4. Conduct in-Depth on-chain and off-chain AI market analysis.

🤖 AI NFT Management:

1. Receive AI assistance in searching for the trendiest NFT collections.
2. Utilize AI for NFT market analysis to obtain recent trending stats.
3. Employ conversational AI to facilitate NFT trading, buying, and selling.
4. Create and sell your own NFTs.

📈 AI Trading Indicator Earner:

1. Use the GT AI trading indicator to identify trading pairs with the most promising trading prospects or conduct thorough AI-driven analysis of on-chain and off-chain market dynamics.
2. Launch and manage automated AI algorithmic trading strategies.
3. Receive automatic trading notifications for completed transactions directly to your smartphone 24/7.

🔦 Tradingview Traders:

1. Utilize AI to discover top TradingView strategies, forecasts and traders, and analyze their potential performance.
2. Use AI to automatically execute and launch the chosen best strategies.
3. Conduct real-data AI analysis to make well-informed decisions regarding strategies adjustments.

Crypto Partners

Binance, Huobi, OKX, Gate, Chainlink, ChainGPT, HECO Chain, CoinPayments.

Crypto intergrations

KuCoin, Gate, 1inch, Bybit, Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Sushi, Opensea,, Rarible.

Retail Partners and Intergrations

Amazon, AliExpress, Ebay, Etsy, Apple, Microsoft, Udemy, Puma, Booking, Fly Emirates, Farfetch and 500+ other retail brands wordwide.

GT Protocol Team

Experienced team and advisors behind the GT Protocol.

The team, initially established in Ukraine, currently operates from both Europe and Asia. It comprises over 30 employees, with key team members having collaborated for more than 11 years. They initially started as a software development firm, with a particular emphasis on blockchain and cryptocurrency development. In 2019, the team initiated an independent venture — a cryptocurrency investment and trading application — and swiftly earned authorization as a partner of Binance.


Vadim Rogovskiy — 12X angel investor, founder of 3DLOOK(raised $11M+), Forbes contributor, mentor at 500 Startups ($1.8 billion management VC firm)

Ilan Rakhmanov — CEO & Founder of ChainGPT. Through his entrepreneurial journey, Ilan has proven his ability to scale businesses and achieve remarkable financial milestones, with multiple companies reaching the coveted 7-figure revenue mark.

Magnus Capital — Venture Capitalist firm with more than 200+ investment projects, 20+ advisory project and 5+ incubated projects

EXCAVO Team — THE #1 crypto trading expert according to TradingView rating for all time. More then 6 years of trading experience and asset management. 100K+ followers on TradingView

Tomer Warschauer Nuni — An active angel investor in the industry, a serial entrepreneur with two exits, boasting 22 years of marketing and business development experience. Also, a contributing writer for Cointelegraph and Forbes.

Nick van der Kolk — a former KuCoin Exchange VP Listing

GT Protocol Tokenomics

The economic system of the $GTAPP tokens.

Token name: GTAPP Token
Token Ticker: $GTAPP
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Token Standard: BSC-20
Network: Binance Smart Chain

$GTAPP Token Distribution/Allocation:

  • 5% Seed
  • 25% Private
  • 1% Strategic
  • 5% IDO
  • 19% Ecosystem
  • 11% Marketing
  • 10% Team
  • 4% Advisors
  • 25% Rewards
  • 10% Liquidity
  • 10% Staking Pool

Utilities of the $GTAPP Token

Applications and benefits of the GT Protocol project’s native token.

  1. $GTAPP tokens are earned by contributing your account data for GT AI model learning while using GT App and GT products.
  2. $GTAPP tokens can be utilized to access discounts on trading and investment deal fees, or to acquire special GT NFT passes for 0% fee access to GT products.
  3. Holding $GTAPP tokens provides participation in GT DAO governance votes, enabling influence over the future strategy and development of the GT ecosystem.
  4. Staking $GTAPP tokens results in staking rewards.
  5. Active involvement in the GT Community may result in the acquisition of $GTAPP tokens through marketing contests and trading competitions.

What are we providing for GT Protocol?

ChainGPT, a provider of AI-powered infrastructure for the Web3 sector, is extending its support to GT Protocol by offering a comprehensive suite of services. This includes expert advisory support covering aspects such as tokenomics, token launch strategies, and overall project success, empowering project to make well-informed decisions during its launch phases. Additionally, our marketing support services encompass brand development, community building, and marketing strategy, helping GT Protocol create impactful campaigns tailored to the web3 audience. Furthermore, we will help GT Prorocol in securing initial funding by connecting them with strategic investors and venture capitalists who align with their vision. This multi-faceted support ensures that projects are well-prepared, effectively marketed, and adequately funded to kickstart their development journey.

Providing support, guidance, and accelerating excellence, the ChainGPT Incubation is an extensive, in-depth, multi-month-long program of intense, intimate collaboration between promising projects that are looking to launch into Web3.


GT Protocol has earned a coveted spot in ChainGPT’s inaugural incubation program, joining a highly selective group of projects. Their focus on artificial intelligence aligns seamlessly with our own, resulting in robust synergies that promise enduring, productive, and market-resistant relationships.

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