ChainGPT Joining Forces with Tron
A new era of $CGPT is upon us;
More networks, more opportunities, more communities.
ChainGPT is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Tron network.
Starting by plugging into the network itself to provide on-chain minting and creating capabilities to our users, training our AI model on Tron, and uniting efforts on marketing and community building.

Leading the way in terms of the amount of on-chain stablecoin reserves and unique user addresses, Tron network is an OG smart contract platform from the pre-2018 era that has become among the most widely adopted low-latency, high throughput networks, that has become one of the most recognized industry giants.

ChainGPT is bringing its community and suite of AI-powered tools to TRX.

What will the integration consist of?

The Tron integration is multi-faceted.

First and foremost, the Tron Network will be woven into our toolkit to immediately grant all of our users unlimited capabilities of interacting directly with the TRX ecosystem. Smart contract generator will be geared to creating TRC compliant code, the AI NFT generator will allow users to mint their creations on-chain, and of course the AI model will be trained.

Second, beyond the technology, a unification of community building efforts through brand development and co-marketing, will bolster the social ecosystems within each project and cross-pollinate members between them.

Training AI Model on Tron
ChainGPT’s AI Model has been fed the entire history of Tron Network and will be plugged in to the chain for purposes of monitoring its evolution, in order to stay up to date on most recent state. Now there will be a dedicated crypto native dynamic database in the form of an interactive chatbot that allows users to communicate with it through a familiar interface.

Tron Network NFTs
The ChainGPT AI NFT Generator has added TRX as a destination network to generate and mint AI-generated images directly on Tron. Single unique one-of-ones for the expressive, exclusive artists building intimate visual storylines or entire collections in the multiple-thousands of units for anything from supply-chain to community-building use cases; Tron is an ideal network for such activities.

$CGPT Powered Tron Standard Developed
Smart contract development remains to be the leading component of a flourishing network. As a byproduct of training the ChainGPT AI model on Tron, all of the programming specifications are usurped by ChainGPT’s core infrastructural dev tools, the smart contract generator and the smart contract auditor. User will be able to develop their desired applications in the syntax and standard of Tron. With this singular application, we aim to increase the raw amount of dapp running on Tron, from DEFI DEXs and fungible memecoins, to NFT marketplaces and entire collections; ChainGPT will unlock a new vector of value creation for the entire TRX ecosystem.

Upcoming Events

To celebrate this unification, Chain GPT will be launching a series of $CGPT social campaigns to invite new community members and strengthen the relationships with existing ones.

ChainGPT x TronDAO Galxe Giveaway Event #1:
A social engagement campaign with over $5,000 of $CGPT tokens set aside to rewards community members that are actively completing the tasks. Rewards will be distributed evenly among 100 users.

ChainGPT x TronDAO Galxe Giveaway Event #2:
$1,000 worth of rewards will be allocated to 10 users who generate and mint an NFT on the Tron Network by using the ChainGPT AI NFT Generator tool.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter(X) and Telegram for the exact dates when campaigns launch!

What does the future hold?

The future of TRON networks and ChainGPTs integration is bright. With new market cycles ahead of us and a pipeline of product development, the tron blockchain and virtual machine will touch every tool in ChainGPT’s arsenal.

ChainGPT Pad
Fostering the growth and development of innovative Web3 startups; ChainGPT Pad will expand its available network reach and provide an interface for bootstrapping the next wave of innovation on Tron Network.

Originally geared to the stack of EVM compatible blockchains (namely BSC and Ethereum) integrating TRON will supercharge the infrastructure for startups to IDO.

ChainGPT Wallet and Mobile Application
With plans to deploy our own branded ChainGPT wallet and mobile application on the roadmap, having a link to the Tron network will provide potential users with access to a much broader sector of the market and invite Tron users into our ecosystem.

ChainGPT Security Extension
Effectively as an AI-powered companion, that is sitting in browsers, protects users from malicious Web3/ DApps by translating the code and its intentions in real time; it will be the domain expert for TRC standard contracts and enhance the quality of Web3 security for all TRX users.

If you are a Tron community and would like a new way to entertain and educate your community, the ChainGPT AI chatbot will provide an incredible interactive experience reach out to ChainGPT directly via Telegram or the Contact Us Page.

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