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ChainGPT’s launchpad has been designed from the ground up with maximum security considerations on behalf of the users. As a mechanism to mitigate risks, protect against malicious activity and align the behaviors of projects that list on the Launchpad, a novel refund policy has been implemented.

ChainGPT Pad:

How The Refund Policy Works

Following the successful completion of an IDO and the project’s token initial listing -  refund grace period begins.

For the duration of the refund grace period launchpad users will be presented with two options in their dashboard: “Claim” and “Refund”. During any point within the grace period, users have the right to withdraw from participation by simply selecting “Refund”. As soon as a user confirms a refund, their initial contributions will be released directly back to their wallet addresses.

Be advised, if at any point a user selects “Claim” they will collect their token allocation and by default no longer be able to refund their allocation.

Every IDO on the ChainGPT Launchpad has a qualitative assessment take place prior to listing that will as part of its results determine a “refund grace period”. Typically this period spans 7 days, however in the presence of certain circumstances, the ChainGPT team may adjust it as needed.

Refund Qualification

Every tier/grade of participant, from bronze all the way up to diamond, qualifies for a 100% refund on their committed funds, so long as they make their request within the allotted refund period time frame and do not claim before it’s expiry.


The presence of a Refund policy is intended to protect the $CGPT community all the meanwhile stimulating the participating projects to behave with maximal integrity.

❓ F.A.Q.s — Frequently Asked Questions ❓

Frequently asked questions about the CGPT Launchpad Refund Policy.

1) For how long can I request a Refund?
As long as you do not “Claim” within the refund grace period, you will be able to refund at any moment before the grace period elapses.

2) Do I get a full refund?
Yes, refunds are 100% of your allocation.

3) Can I request a refund after I “Claim”?
No, by opting to claim, you forfeit the right of refunds.

4) How is this beneficial to projects?
With a refund policy in place, projects are given solid guidelines by which they must abide in order to provide the highest level of service to the users. It’s like an automated security shield. With these guard rails in place, projects of lower quality will not even bother trying to infiltrate our community.

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