ChainGPT Pad — Introduction and Breakdown

What is the CGPT Launchpad?

The ChainGPT Launchpad is an IDO platform and incubator for Web3 projects looking to implement their ideas and bootstrap their token ecosystems.

How does it work?

Projects apply to the ChainGPT launchpad by going through a rigorous qualitative analysis process conducted by the ChainGPT team. Depending on the level of sophistication and ability of these projects to satisfy a diverse range of assessment criteria (such as product market fit, concept viability, team aptitude, and so on) their inclusion will be deduced. Projects that get accepted are inducted into the incubation/acceleration phase where the teams are guided by the ChainGPT Mentorship group, followed by a coming-to-market via IDO.

Incubation can range anywhere from 12–18 months and included a preparation stage, a launching stage, and a post-launch support stage. During preparation, the mentor group organizes the internal process, optimizes product systems and helps projects evaluate their roadmaps/action plans. During launch, they help with promotions and social coordination. Post-launch, ChainGPT provides advisory support to help project course-correct and deal with the nuances that come with having products live on the market.

Acceleration is a condensed version of the incubation that is executed within 3–4 months. This option is best suited for well developed teams that need a very specific, limited scope of support.

How does the IDO work?

Whenever projects are ready to list on the platform and launch their token ecosystems, ChainGPT will help them prepare a campaign and connect them to the $CGPT community. After the specifications have been finalized, token supply, market rate, sale duration, etc. the project will be listed with a countdown to open.

Every IDO listing consists of 2 Rounds:

- Round #1 (Guaranteed Allocation)
Top staking tier groups — Silver, Gold, Diamond Tier, and some Bronze members (ruffle for Bronze).  All users must register interest to participate in the Guaranteed Round.

- Round #2 (FCFS)
First Come First Serve — All Tier Members, even if they haven't registered interest they can participate in the FCFS round.

In the event that a project meets its maximum IDO capacity at any point, the IDO shall immediately cease and future round will not be engaged.

What role does $CGPT play?

$CGPT acts as the tool to facilitate community involvement in the bootstrapping of projects; an extra layer of a reward system for incentivizing membership. Providing alpha access to IDO participation, Airdrops, and more, $CGPT community members that stake the threshold amounts of $CGPT tokens become priority able to obtain exclusive benefits that startup projects provide to its earliest contributors.

How to Participate as an Investor:

Users that wish to participate in the IDOs that the ChainGPT launchpad offers must satisfy two criteria:

1) Complete KYC with our partners, Blockpass: 👉 KYC Here 👈
Stake $CGPT to accumulate enough points and attain a tier status 🥩 Stake Here 🥩

Staking & Points System:

The staking system for becoming a Launchpad qualified member is based on a straightforward point system. Two factors come into the accounting of points; token amount staked and the duration of the stake. The combination of the two will place members into one of the four possible tier categories: Bronze/Silver/Gold/Diamond.

1 $CGPT is equal to 1 point
Each stake pool duration will bring its own point multiplier:

45 days (1% APY) = 1x points multiplier
90 days (3% APY) = 1.3x points multiplier
180 days (5% APY) = 1.5x points multiplier
365 days (8% APY) = 2x points multiplier

Tier System:

There are four different tier levels in the ChainGPT Launchpad, bronze, silver, gold, and diamond. Every tier has its own distinct benefits.

🥉 Bronze 🥉

This is the entry level tier designed specifically for users that have limited capital capacities.

Points Required: >2,000+
Pool Weight: 1x Allocation Multiplier
Refund Eligibility: Yes, 100%
Participation rounds:
#2 (FCFS)

  • Participation in the first round is not guaranteed to all bronze tier members. Select, limited groups of bronze users that complete social tasks will be given access to participation in the first round of allocation. Social campaign will be initiated through and provide whitelisted opportunities to participants.

🥈 Silver 🥈

Silver is the second level tier and the first one that provides guaranteed access to the first round of participations in IDOs.

Points Required: 20,000+
Pool Weight: Minimum 4x Allocation Multiplier
Refund Eligibility: Yes, 100%
Participation rounds:
#1 and #2 (Guaranteed and FCFS)

  • Guaranteed Whitelist for our future NFT launch

🥇 Gold 🥇

Gold is the second highest tier and the first one that provides access to the premium early-stage crowdfunding and private sales.

Points Required: 50,000+
Pool Weight: Minimum 10x Allocation Multiplier
Refund Eligibility: Yes, 100%
Participation rounds:
#1 and #2 (Guaranteed and FCFS)

  • Inclusion into CrowdFunding & Private Sales
  • Guaranteed Whitelist for our future NFT launch

💎Diamond 💎

Diamond is the highest and most desirable tier for launchpad participants given the breadth of benefits it offers. Given that it is the only tier that provides complementary token & NFT airdrops, Diamond tier users are rewarded for their commitments passively.

Points Required: 200,000+
Pool Weight: Minimum 40x Allocation Multiplier
Refund Eligibility: Yes, 100%
Participation rounds:
#1 and #2 (Guaranteed and FCFS)

  • Inclusion into CrowdFunding & Private Sales
  • Token airdrops from incubated projects (Portion of TTs we charge)
  • Occasional airdrops in the form of NFTs from our partnership network
  • Private group for private sale access & voting (council)
  • Freemium access to ChainGPT’s AI Tools

For a deeper dive into the tier and staking system please refer to our dedicated post: 📑 ChainGPT Launch Pad — Tier System & Staking

Refund Policy:

In order to cater to the fluctuating demands of market participants and unforeseen circumstances that might arise, ChainGPT’s has implemented a “refund” option.

Every project will have its own refund specifications chosen by the ChainGPT team, typically within a 7-14 day range. During that period, users will be able to chose whether or not they want to commit to participation. The option is only available until a decision is made. If users select “claim” then they lose their refund option.

More on the refund policy available in out post
ChainGPT Launch Pad — Refund Policy

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