ChainGPT on SkyNet — Certik Audit Review

In a world of constant FUD, few projects make their way to the top of leader board by virtue of good quality products. ChainGPT is proud to have its $CGPT token recognized by Certik as one of the most secure Crypto’s in the industry!

Security is arguably the single most important factor to consider when it comes to gauging the quality of a digital asset.

Well aware of this, but still driven by its mission, ChainGPT wanted to put its own technology to the test and have the ChainGPT AI generate its own code for the $CGPT token smart contract.

It is with great honor, humility, and just a touch of pride in the technology that ChainGPT’s $CGPT token has passed the industry’s stringent standardized security audit (by Certik) and joined the élite top 5% of all projects on the Skynet directory by security score.

Lets review the results of $CGPT’s security audit to understand why we’re doing so well.

Before we even begin analyzing the listing; three badges should be standing out at the very top of the page; KYC Gold, Active Bounty and Formal Verification, these qualitative factors alone help distinguish between projects ranking high and those ranking low. As always DYOR, but it is likely that you will find this statement consistently true.

Security Score

Triple AAA rated and consistently maintaining a security score > 94, ChainGPT’s $CGPT token has scored a nearly perfect A+ across all 6 of the key evaluation parameters: Fundamental Health, Community Trust, Code Security, Operational Resilience, Governance Strength, and Market Stability

Code Security and Audit History

The $CGPT token audit underwent a scrupulous manual review of its code and tested for all 38 properties of the Formal Verification process. Needless to say, the contract was found to be flawless in this regard.

For those interested in diving deeper into each individual property and conducting their own manual review, please navigate to the $CGPT listing on Skynet, scroll to the “Code Audit History” and on the right hand side select “View Formal Verification Details” or the “View PDF”.

Fundamental Health

Fundamental Health Score Card

Scoring nearly perfect in terms of the Fundamental Health of the project, ChainGPT is in the top 5% of all Skynet listed projects. Possessing a Geo Risk of Tier 1 implies excellent geographic accountability, classifying the operational jurisdiction of ChainGPT to be highly reliable in terms of judicial cooperation, criminal justice system, anti-money laundering, and corruption.

Operational Resilience

Operation Resilience Scorecard

Operational Resilience pertains to the ability of ChainGPT’s on-chain products ($CGPT Token) to maintain functionality in environments of sever conditions.

Bug Bounty programs are instrumental in preserving high security standards for any software products. As a means to “put our money where are mouth is” ChainGPT has allocated and reserved $50,000 for its Certik Bug Bounty Program.

With rewards ranging from $100-$5,000 per bug found, ChainGPT invites all developers to come take a swing at our contract. We WANT you to find issues!

Critical Severity | $5,000 | Potentially catastrophic code issues that can cause existential problems, drains, freezes, ownership revocation.

Major Severity | $1,000 | High degree of undesirable side-effects that could arise but that do not put the entirety of the ecosystem at risk.

Medium Severity | $500 | Modestly risky issues that pose no long-term harm.

Low Severity | $100 | Basically just simple logical optimizations.

Community Trust

Community Trust Scorecard

As a community driven project, ChainGPT is laser focused on cultivating and maintaining strong relationships between all of the projects supporters, followers, and members.

Governance Strength

Governance Strength Scorecard (Top)

With the instantiation of the ChainGPT DAO in May of 2023, ChainGPT has begun its ascension in the field of decentralized governance and began distributing governance power throughout its community.

Market Stability

Market Stability Scorecard (Bottom)

Proving its ability to weather market turmoil, ChainGPT has been able to uphold a stability score in the caliber of Excellent and rank in the top 5%.

What is Certik?

A blockchain and smart contract security company that audits code to help companies guarantee product quality and help consumers navigate the Web3 industry.

Analyzing over 1,800 projects over the last 5 years, Certik utilizes an industry leading mixture between AI enabled verification and manual inspection to provide the most detailed security evaluations.

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