ChainGPT Pad — Staking Pools

Understanding how the new staking modules that have been purposefully designed for the ChainGPT Pad work and the benefits they bring.

Staking is a core tenet of the ChainGPT ecosystem and a driver of economic wellbeing for the $CGPT token.

With the launch of the ChainGPT Pad platform, the $CGPT token’s surface are of applications widened, bringing in more utility and expanding the requirements for increased capacity in staking.

Thus, in order to cater to the new demand vector and allow more users to join, ChainGPT has released a new set of $CGPT staking pools.

Check them out here 👉 👈

New Pools — New Rules

The new $CGPT staking pools are built to compliment the maturation of ChainGPT as a project. With new products comes greater responsibilities and even greater opportunities! This is expressed through the adjusted APY parameters, new durations, and a carefully crafted point system.

The new pools have been granulated into four different modules according to time frame; the shortest time frame being 45 days, provides the most simple degree of benefits; the modest time frame of 90 days, which offers more than double the benefits; the moderate time frame of 180 days providing a balanced incentive solution, and scaling up to the 365 day mark, which provides a much higher level of benefits.

The longer you lock-up your $CGPT for, the greater the influence you have within the ChainGPT Pad and the higher your APY percentage will be.

💧 Pool #1

Duration: 45 days
APY: 1%
Point Multiplier: 1x
Withdraw Delay: None

💦 Pool #2

Duration: 90 days
APY: 3%
Point Multiplier: 1.3x
Withdraw Delay: None

🚿 Pool #3

Duration: 180 days
APY: 5%
Point Multiplier: 1.5x
Withdraw Delay: None

🌊 Pool #4

Duration: 365 days
APY: 8%
Point Multiplier: 2x
Withdraw Delay: None

As you might have already been able to infer, the Duration refers to the length of time which you must lock your tokens up for.

APY, refers to the annual yield that is denominated in the $CGPT token.

Point Multiplier is the weighted system used to calculate the individual impact of a user within the ChainGPT Pad environment.

At the most basic:
1 $CGPT = 1 Point

Each $CGPT is then amplified in weight according to the pool it is delegated to. For the same of simplicity, the weight are attributed by simply multiplying the amount of tokens by their pools weight;

If a user stakes 1,000 $CGPT into 45 day pool, they have 1,000 Tier points
If a user stakes 1,000 $CGPT into 90 day pool, they have 1,300 Tier points
If a user stakes 1,000 $CGPT into 180 day pool, they have 1,500 Tier points
If a user stakes 1,000 $CGPT into 365 day pool, they have 2,000 Tier points

For more in-depth information on how the tier system works and an explanation of each tier's benefits, please refer to our earlier publication the “Fair Tier System”.

Lock Up Disclaimer:
* Once tokens are locked-up, they cannot be unlocked until the timer elapses. Timers start at the exact moment a pool is initiated and allow for withdrawal at the exact moment of their completion.

To join the pools, acquire your tier level, and gain access to some of the most promising Web3 and crypto startups, head on over to the staking dashboard 👉 👈 and join the revolution.

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