ChainGPT Pad x Optopia: Opt in the AI Blockchain Revolution
ChainGPT Pad, as the IDO platform that quantifiably provides the highest returns to its investors, keeps giving its tier members potentially huge Web3 opportunities that prove to be lucrative time and time again. 
Our latest offering is Optopia, the first L2 blockchain for AI. Optopia is a comprehensive ecosystem and launchpad for AI developers at the forefront of decentralized AI.

Learn more about Optopia at their IDO page.

How It Works

Optopia focuses on permissionless intent creation to pioneer AI application standards and explore cross-industry AI use cases. Permissionless intent creation is defined as the ability of anyone developing on Optopia to create and monetize the execution of AI-driven goals or tasks (intents) within a decentralized ecosystem. 

Optopia seamlessly integrates with Ethereum, providing full EVM compatibility and interoperability. Optopia is built on the Op Stack—a standardized, shared, and open-source development framework.

Optopia: A Home For Native AI Devs

Optopia has cemented its position as an intuitive home for AI devs exploring the possibilities of AI and the blockchain. 

Some benefits devs enjoy as Optopia Builders or Intent Publishers are:  

  • Robust Infrastructure & Cost Cutting - Optopia forged an on-chain long-term storage approach integrating the Ethereum DA module and the Arweave Blob Archiver. This is to provide better security, distributed control and scalability, significant cost reduction through EIP-4844, and effortless settlement/verification proof to devs launching AI projects on the blockchain. Projects coded on Optopia are cost-efficient and employ the needed tech stack to ascertain Web3 project success.

  • Incentive Mechanisms - There are many opportunities within the Optopia ecosystem for developers and holders to earn $OPAI:

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    • Creating and publishing knowledge for AI agents
    • Developing AI agents and monetizing them via the Intent Center
    • On-chain hackathons and task platforms
    • Governance participation
    • Staking $OPAI

($OPAI): Permissionless Intent, Tokenized

$OPAI incentivizes developer participation through rewards, governance opportunities and transactions within the Optopia ecosystem.

Lock $OPAI to receive $vlOPAI (Vote Lock Tokens) for governance privileges and staking rewards.

Emission weight determines distribution of $OPAI rewards, influenced by the proportion of vl$OPAI tokens used in voting. Holders vote on the emission weight of each intent. 

Intents are actionable goals or tasks whose execution is incentivized by AI agents and developers through $OPAI allotments.


($OPAI) Tokenomics


Token Symbol: $OPAI

Contract Address: 

Network: Ethereum

Market Maker: MCS Capital

Public Round Token Price: $0.002

Raise on ChainGPT Pad: $600,000

Total Tokens Supply: 1,000,000,000

Optopia Business Model

1. Token Utilization and Transaction Fees:

  • Intent Execution Fees: Optopia charges a nominal fee for each intent processed within the Intent Center. This fee is paid in $OPAI tokens, contributing directly to the platform's revenue.

  • Knowledge Access Fees: AI Agents pay to access and utilize the custom-built knowledge. A portion of these fees is collected by Optopia, while the rest is distributed to the Builders as incentives.

2. Incentive Redistribution Model:

  • Transaction Fees on Incentives: Whenever $OPAI tokens are used as incentives for AI Agents and Builders, Optopia retains a small percentage of these transactions as operational revenue.

  • Value-Added Services: Additional premium services such as enhanced analytics for Builders or advanced intent capabilities for Intent Publishers generate further income.

3. Staking and Governance Participation:

  • Staking Returns: $OPAI Holders can lock their tokens in return for vl$OPAI, which allows them to participate in governance and earns them a staking return. The platform may take a cut from the staking rewards as part of its revenue stream.

  • Governance Fees: Charges for participation in voting on key decisions that affect the platform’s operation and development, like emission weights and reward distribution.

4. Platform Service Offerings:

  • Custom Solutions and Integrations: Offering tailored solutions for enterprises and larger entities that need specific AI-driven solutions, generating significant project-specific revenue.

  • Subscription Models: For continuous access to the platform’s enhanced features, users can opt for subscription models, which provide a steady revenue stream.

5. Data and API Services:

  • API Access Fees: Charging for API access to third parties who wish to utilize Optopia’s infrastructure for running their own AI-driven applications.

  • Data Monetization: Selling anonymized data insights gathered from the platform’s operations to market researchers and industry analysts.

6. Market Expansion and Scalability:

  • Scalable Business Operations: By continuously expanding the type of intents and knowledge modules available, Optopia can cater to a growing market, thus broadening its revenue sources.

  • Cross-Platform Collaborations: Forming partnerships with other platforms and ecosystems to leverage mutual capabilities and share revenue streams.


Partners: G·Ventures, Kucoin Ventures, JRR Capital, KKP International Limited, ZenTrading, Klein Labs and MCS Capital have invested capital and time via strategic guidance to Optopia’s innovative platform.

CEX Listings: $OPAI already listed on and Kucoin

Seamless Onboarding: Building community through Discord participation through its intricately built lore and $OPAI incentivized missions

Met Q1 and Q2 Roadmap Goals:

  • Completed AI product design and team formation
  • Integrated with Op Stack and Arweave for product upgrades
  • Launched test network 
  • Launched airdrop campaign
  • Launched on Mainnet


2024 Q1

  • Complete AI Product Design and Team Formation: Finalize the design of the AI product and assemble a dedicated team to spearhead its development, ensuring a solid foundation for the project's technical and strategic execution.
  • Integrate with Op Stack and Arweave for Product Upgrades: Leverage the data handling capabilities of Op Stack combined with the decentralized storage solutions of Arweave to enhance product functionality and performance, facilitating significant upgrades to the system architecture.
  • Launch Test Network and Build Community Engagement: Simultaneously launch the test network to begin real-world application testing and debugging, while actively building and nurturing the community through targeted social media and outreach efforts, laying the groundwork for robust user engagement and support.

2024 Q2

  • Launch Airdrop Campaign: Initiate an airdrop to engage the community and increase token distribution, boosting early adoption and awareness.
  • Booster Event Go Live: Host a series of promotional events to amplify user engagement and platform interaction, enhancing visibility and traction.
  • Complete IDO and Token Sale: Successfully conclude the Initial offering alongside the token sale, ensuring robust market participation and funding.
  • Mainnet Launch: Officially launch the platform on the mainnet, marking a crucial transition from the testnet and enabling full-scale operations.
  • Fundraising Initiatives: Continue strategic fundraising efforts to secure financial support necessary for further development and expansion.
  • Exchanges Listing: Secure listings on major exchanges, including Kucoin,, and Bitget, to enhance liquidity and market access.

2024 Q3

  • Launch AI Ecosystem Incentive Plan: Implement strategies to financially and technically support developers within the AI ecosystem, enhancing tooling, access to datasets, and computational resources.

  • Expand Developer Engagement:  Host global hackathons and workshops to attract and engage AI developers, providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to innovate within the ecosystem.

  • Strategic Partnerships: Form alliances with academic institutions and tech companies to foster innovation and integration of cutting-edge AI research into practical applications.

  • Enhance AI APIs and SDKs: Release upgraded versions of APIs and SDKs to simplify the integration of AI services by developers, enhancing the functionality and user experience across the ecosystem.

2024 Q4

  • Deploy Advanced AI Scenarios:  Launch pilot projects in sectors like healthcare, finance, and supply chain to demonstrate the practical applications and benefits of our AI-driven solutions.

  • Enhance Decentralization Measures:  Develop additional protocols to further decentralize decision-making within the network, increasing trust and security for all users.

  • Improve Interoperability: Focus on enhancing the interoperability between our Layer 2 blockchain and other major blockchains to facilitate seamless data exchange and value transfer.

  • Sustainability Initiatives: Implement sustainability protocols that use AI to optimize energy consumption and reduce the environmental impact of blockchain operations. 


Adnane Zagora
  • Position: Co-Founder & CEO
  • Expertise: Blockchain and AI Innovator
  • Background: Adnane Zagora is a visionary entrepreneur with a background in Computer Science from the University of Melbourne, specializing in distributed systems and blockchain technology. His professional journey includes a pivotal role as Co-Founder & CEO at Optopia, where he leverages blockchain and AI to foster sustainable development across Africa. Prior roles include Software Engineer at Paystack and Technical Analyst at M-Kopa, enhancing transaction security and sustainable energy solutions in African markets.
Hassan Ahmad
  • Position: Co-Founder & COO
  • Expertise: Tech Operations and Systems Management
  • Background: Hassan Ahmad graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Glasgow, focusing on strategic management. As Co-Founder & COO of Optopia, he has driven scalable operational strategies and integrated AI into business workflows. His previous experiences include Operations Manager at Jumia and Project Manager at Andela, where he optimized logistics and software development processes across West Africa.
Jibril Siddq
  • Position: Co-Founder & CTO
  • Expertise: Blockchain Technology and Software Engineering
  • Background: Jibril Siddq holds a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from the University of Ibadan, with a focus on software architecture and cybersecurity. As Co-Founder & CTO of Optopia, he specializes in developing secure, scalable software solutions that integrate AI with blockchain. His background includes positions such as Software Developer at Interswitch, where he developed secure payment solutions, and Systems Analyst at TechPoint Africa, focusing on enhancing tech security and scalability.

It's not every day you can invest in the first Layer 2 blockchain dedicated to AI. Optopia is an opportunity not to be missed by ChainGPT Pad tier members because this comprehensive ecosystem for AI and blockchain developers features a strong business strategy to maximize financial returns for its early supporters. With its strategic partnerships, seamless EVM integration, and clear roadmap whose first objectives have already been met on schedule, Optopia is poised to become the native ecosystem for AI applications on the blockchain. 

We're proud to be able to offer this opportunity to you. 

Learn more about Optopia at their IDO page. (add link) 

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