Skillful AI IDO on ChainGPT Pad: Personalized AI Agents for the Future
ChainGPT Pad, as the IDO platform providing the highest returns to its investors as of January 2024, is proud to announce its newest offering for ChainGPT Pad tier members: the Skillful AI IDO. Skillful AI offers a suite of personalized AI products for every user and industry based on accessibility, personalization, privacy, memory, and ownership.

ChatGPT - Foundation of a New Economic Era

When ChatGPT was released in November 2022, it was the culmination of years of extensive research and significant investment. The way we do business has been irrevocably transformed because of AI. But as it ascends, concerns like job security, data privacy and ethics have ignited debate and scrutiny. 

There is a growing demand for an AI infrastructure that prioritizes individual needs.

And in order to keep up with and reap the benefits from rapid and competitive advancements, one must be deeply immersed in an overflow of information that most individuals do not have the time to engage with. Until now.

Skillful AI - Develop, Create and Sell Customized AI Agents 

Skillful AI is a seamless ecosystem for developing, deploying, procuring, and exchanging personalized AI assistants, updated according to the newest advancements. Blocmates called Skillful AI the “Wordpress of AI" because it offers over 400 tool and app integrations and more than 100 AI models, letting users customize their virtual assistants extensively. 

It also supports a marketplace where users can buy, sell, or rent their custom AI assistants as NFTs, enhancing user control over their creations and ensuring data privacy through blockchain technology without gas fees.

Skillful AI offers a range of tools and resources for both end users and devs.

For Users: 

  • Evolve from using basic chatbots to advanced virtual assistants that are customized through domain-specific knowledge
  • Define parameters of how you want your AI agent to answer your questions
  • Enjoy user-specific memory to streamline tasks and input time
  • LLMs and DSKs combine to give you the latest information pertinent to your industry
  • Make money from your knowledge and experience - create your own no-code AI agent and list it for sale or rent on the marketplace

For Devs: 

  • A machine learning platform for training and deploying models
  • Pre-built models that can be fine-tuned on specific datasets
  • Tools for collecting and managing training data
  • Tutorials and documentation on how to build and train models
  • A marketplace for sharing and selling models as NFTs

Traction: Seed and Private Sold Out in Five Days

  • Investments from Alex Becker, OMG Assembly, Founderheads, London Real Ventures, vVv Venture, Khan's Defi Kitchen, AI-Meda Research, Zephyrus Capital, AZA Ventures, MQ Dao, Avalon Ventures, Cogitent Ventures, Contango, Black Dragon, X-Capital 
  • Google Cloud Grant
  • Tech partnerships with Nillion, UseMoonAI, SKALE and Eidolon 
  • Sold out seed and private rounds in five days with a VC and DAO backlog of over $4M
  • 2000 public signups in less than one week for $10M+ promised investments
  • Community Large Language Model training commenced
  • AI-Builder Alpha and AI plug-and-play SDK build in progress (Unity)

(SKAI): ​​The Utility Powerhouse of the Skillful AI Ecosystem

Only (SKAI) holders will be able to access AI Creator tools, buy and sell on the marketplace and cover fees and subscriptions, initially.  

Holders will be able to vote on what data to use to train certain in-house AI models.

(SKAI) stakers will receive extra perks when the platform opens, such as free subscriptions and extra functionalities to add to the AI assistants. They'll also receive revenue share from the platform’s B2B deals.

(SKAI) Tokenomics

Token Symbol - $SKAI

Contract Address

Network - ERC-20

Market Maker - Trireme

Public Round Token Price - $0.025

Raise on ChainGPT Pad - $200k

Initial Market Cap (IMC) without liquidity - $410,000

Initial Market Cap (IMC) with liquidity  - $796,875

Circulating Supply at TGE - 31,875,000



Skillful AI is set to revolutionize the way each of us interacts with AI technologies. It's already proved its potential to investors amounting in millions of dollars from tech leaders and end users alike. It's forged strategic partnerships to push the mission of personalized AI for the masses. And the technical abilities and creativity expressed in its whitepaper is necessary reading for anyone interested in AI.  

Skillful AI may be the premier solution that meets the current demand for personalized AI tech, but it's also setting the stage for sustained growth and innovation in the global AI and blockchain ecosystems for years to come. 

Learn more about Skillful AI and get involved at their IDO page.

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