ChainGPT Pad's Weekly Roundup 02.10. - 02.16.
Another exciting and dynamic week at ChainGPT Pad with more new and promising IDOs arriving at our Launchpad! We are also preparing two Token Giveaways with our IDOs, with more important news and updates waiting for you in this week’s recap. Take a deep dive!

Octavia ($VIA) IDO Launched 🚀

We are thrilled to see another successful IDO launch with us! Our community showed great interest in $VIA IDO, with 8,254 members participating. The IDO was sold out in seconds, and we are eagerly waiting for the 20th of February when we will announce $VIA listings. See the original announcements and stay tuned for the listing date. 


Octavia ($VIA) Token Giveaway Coming Soon 🎁

To celebrate a successful IDO for $VIA at ChainGPT Pad, we are organizing an Exclusive Token Giveaway! All IDO participants who don’t claim or ask for a refund will be eligible to join the Giveaway. The Prize Pool will be revealed in the upcoming days - check out the original announcement to learn more and stay tuned for updates. 


Dechat ($CHAT) IDO Dates Confirmed ✅ 

After the initial Registration period for Dechat IDO, we had to postpone the IDO launch to align the launch with the listing date better. The dates for $CHAT IDO have now been confirmed, and all members who had previously registered their interest for $CHAT will be automatically added. The new registration period won’t be opened for the upcoming Dechat IDO. Find the original announcement below to learn more. 


Weave6 ($WX) IDO Announced 📣

We are excited to welcome another promising IDO to our Launchpad - Weave6 ($WX). Weave6 is Weave6 is an omnichain asset trading infrastructure featuring an indexer, marketplace, and launchpad for dApps and NFTs. $WX is coming to ChainGPT Pad on February 26th, so make sure you are ready for the upcoming IDO. See the original announcement for more details. 


Weave ($WX) Token Giveaway 🎁

To celebrate the upcoming $WX IDO, we are organizing an Exclusive Token Giveaway, where we will be rewarding our IDO participants with a Prize Pool of 20,000 $WX tokens. Participants will need to complete a few simple social tasks in order to become eligible. Stay tuned for details around the time and date, and find the original announcement below with all 3 tasks.


beoble ($BBL) IDO Announced 💎

Another promising IDO is arriving at ChainGPT Pad and we are proud to welcome a Web3-centric wallet-to-wallet messaging service, beoble. $BBL IDO will be open only for Diamond Tier members. To learn more about the upcoming $BBL IDO, check out the announcement below and follow ChainGPT Pad on Twitter (X) to follow up with upcoming IDOs and IDO rounds. 


Style Protocol ($STYLE) Private Sale Update ❗

To align the launch dates for $STYLE with the date of the listing, we are postponing the Private Sale for $STYLE IDO. We will notify the community about the new dates for the Private Sale as soon as the listing dates are confirmed. See the original announcement below for more info. 


Forward Protocol ($FORWARD) Buy & Burn Contribution 🔥

To support the ChainGPT ecosystem, ChainGPT Pad contributes 1% of every raise towards the $CGPT Buy-Back and burn mechanism. After the launch, $FORWARD IDO contributed 5,200 $CGPT tokens towards ChainGPT's burn mechanism in support of our system. Find the original announcement with more details below. 


Guess Our Upcoming Incubation IDO and Win 🎁

We are thrilled to announce that a promising IDO will be joining the ChainGPT Pad Incubation program! To make things even more exciting, we are giving you an opportunity to guess our IDO and win a share of the $100 Prize Pool! Find the original announcement below to learn more about the prize. 


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