ChainGPT Pad’s Weekly Roundup 03.23. - 03.29.
At ChainGPT Pad, action is never lacking - and neither there’s a lack of amazing IDOs being launched with us week to week. Last week we announced a promising lineup of new IDOs coming to ChainGPT Pad, including our new Acceleration project, Cookie3. More Giveaways, more prizes for our wonderful community, and more ROI - take a deep dive to find out how our last week went.  

Gaimin ($GMRX) Token Listed 

After the successful $GMRX IDO where the entire token allocation was sold in seconds, Gaimin’s token was listed on some of the top centralized and decentralized exchanges. To find out where you can find the GMRX/USDT trading pair and access direct trading links, see the announcement below. 


Gaimin ($GMRX) Hits 15x ROI and Reaches a New ATH

Shortly after getting listed on new CEXs and DEXs, $GMRX reached a new all-time high price with 15x ROI since the TGE event. We congratulate the team and wish them even more success moving forward. Find the original announcement for more details.  


Ordify ($ORFY) IDO

Ordify IDO dates were announced last week, and the registration was open for all ChainGPT members. At the end of this week, ChainGPT Pad members joined the IDO sale and we saw $ORFY being all sold out in less than a second. Follow up with Ordify IDO via the announcement below and follow ChainGPT Pad for the most prominent IDOs in Web3, Metaverse, and beyond. 


Flash Protocol ($FLASH) IDO Announced

The official IDO dates for Flash Protocol are officially released and ChainGPT Pad members can expect the registration period to start on March 30th for the upcoming $FLASH sale. To get more information on the Flash Protocol IDO dates and the upcoming rounds, follow the link below. 


Cookie3 ($COOKIE) Acceleration Announcement

We are excited to welcome one of our latest Acceleration IDOs to ChainGPT Pad - Cookie3! Cookie3 is the first-ever MarketingFi protocol with an AI data Layer for users, creators, and businesses. Cookie3 is also the first-ever MarketingFi ecosystem with AI data-powered marketing tools and advanced Bot detection.


Cookie3 Enters ChainGPT Pad's Acceleration Program: Redefining Web3 Marketing

Haven’s Compass ($CMPS) IDO Announcement

Haven’s Compass, a prominent Web3 gaming project, will be launching their IDO with ChainGPT Pad. To find everything about the anticipated $CMPS IDO, check out the original announcement and read our blog. 


ChainGPT Pad Presents: Haven’s Compass IDO — A Groundbreaking FPS Game

stabble ($STB) IDO Announcement

We are starting a new era for DeFi with stabble IDO! stabble is the first frictionless exchange protocol on Solana designed to enhance liquidity and trading in the DeFi sector. Learn more about the upcoming $STB IDO and stable project by following the links below. 


stabble IDO Launches on ChainGPT Pad: A New Era in DeFi Trading and Liquidity

Arcade ($ARC) IDO Date Revealed

Another prominent project and another promising IDO - we are welcoming Arcade and looking forward to launching $ARC the following week! For more details and more information about $ARC IDO, see the original announcement. 


Ordify x ChainGPT Pad AMA on X Spaces

Our Marketing Manager, Chris Duggan, hosted an AMA with Ordify’s Strategy Officer, Attila last week. The listeners had a chance to ask anything and learn everything they wanted to know about the project and the upcoming $ORFY IDO. In case you missed the live AMA Spaces, find the recording in the original announcement. 


Omnia ($OMNIA) Giveaway

We are thrilled to announce a Mega Giveaway organized by ChainGPT Pad and our upcoming IDO, OMNIA, where our users will have a chance to win a share of the $20,000 Prize Pool in $CGPT and $OMNIA. To learn more about and to join the Giveaway, check out the original announcement. 


Arcade ($ARC) WL Giveaway

We are organizing a Whitelist Giveaway with Arcade for their upcoming IDO on ChainGPT Pad! We will be rewarding the lucky winners with guaranteed Whitelist spots for the $ARC IDO. See the original announcement and join for a chance to win. 


Special Weave ($WX) Giveaway

To reward the ChainGPT Pad $WX IDO participants, we have organized a special Giveaway to reward all the members who participated in the Weave IDO and didn’t request a refund. To learn more about this special Giveaway, follow the link below.  


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