ChainGPT Pad's Weekly Roundup 04.06. - 04.12.
We’ve been busy launching new and prominent IDOs, planning exciting token giveaways, and welcoming new projects to ChainGPT Pad! To follow up with the most memorable events at ChainGPT Pad in this past week, take a deep dive into our weekly recap. 

Flash Protocol ($FLASH) IDO Burn Contribution 

ChainGPT Pad reserves and contributes 1% of every IDO raise towards the $CGPT Buy-Back & Burn. After a successful IDO, $FLASH contributed 7,600 $CGPT tokens to support the ChainGPT's Burn system. Check out the details in the original announcement. 


OMNIA Protocol ($OMNIA) Private Sale 

OMNIA Protocol Private Sale took place during the past week on ChainGPT Pad, and we are thrilled to have been able to support our Incubation IDO. The interest among our community was immense and all $OMNIA sold out in seconds. The Public Sale, i.e. OMNIA Protocol IDO dates are already out. Check out the announcement below and read on for OMNIA IDO details. 

Ordify ($ORFY) Token Listed 

We are excited to announce that $ORFY was listed on CEXs and a DEX, now available for trading directly against USDT. Check out the original announcement to find links to the new $ORFY listings. 


Ordify ($ORFY) Token Giveaway 

To celebrate a successful IDO with Ordify, we are organizing an Exclusive Token Giveaway where we will reward all our eligible IDO participants with $ORFY tokens worth $115,000. To learn more about the Giveaway, see the announcement below, and follow ChainGPT Pad to stay tuned for the upcoming Giveaway dates. 


Ordify ($ORFY) Reaches ATH 

We proudly announce that $ORFY reached an ATH after their IDO launch with ChainGPT Pad, achieving 11x! We wish the team more exceptional milestones on their road to success. For more details, check out the original announcement. 


Next Gem AI ($GEMAI) IDO Launched 

ChainGPT Pad has launched an IDO for another amazing AI Web3 project - Next Gem AI. The reception of $GEMAI IDO among our community was amazing, and only our Diamond tier members could get an allocation of this exclusive IDO. Find the original announcement below for more details.  


NuklAI ($NAI) IDO Launched

AI is definitely getting the most attention in Web3 these days, and ChainGPT Pad has introduced another exceptional AI project to our community. Users can still register their interest in $NAI IDO, and to find out the details for eligible tiers, check out the link below.  Announcement

Exverse ($EXVG) IDO Announced 

Exverse is coming to ChainGPT Pad, and the IDO dates are in! Prepare for $EXVG, an exceptional Web3 gaming project! Registration for $EXVG IDO will start in a few days! For more info and details, check out the announcement below. 


CryptoRank x ChainGPT Pad AMA

ChainGPT was ranked the top #1 IDO Launchpad in several categories by CryptoRank, and this time, we were invited to join the discussion on the topic of finding crypto gems. Our Launchpad Manager, Gintare Kairyte, joined the AMA on X Spaces. Check out the original announcement and listen to the recording in case you missed it. 


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