ChainGPT Pad’s Weekly Roundup 11.18. - 11.24.
It's been yet another powerful week at ChainGPT Pad! New IDOs arriving on our Launchpad, IDO listings, celebrating Thanksgiving with our community, and hosting Whitelist Giveaways hasn't slowed us down from penning our Weekly Roundup. Jump in and catch up!

Friend3 IDO Sold Out in Seconds ⭐

We love to see our Launchpad IDOs spark interest among our community and beyond - the same was with Friend3 when the IDO was completely sold out in seconds with nearly 4,000 participants in a single round. During the IDO sale,  we sold 20,000,000 tokens with $200,000 raised, and we are thrilled to see Friend3 propel to new heights. Check out the official announcement and learn more about Friend3 and $F3 via the link below. 

Learn more about Friend3

Work X IDO Announced 📣

We recently welcomed another promising IDO to the ChainGPT Launchpad - Work X.Work X operates as a decentralized platform economy with zero marginal costs, connecting job-seekers and freelancers with ideal employers - it runs on a utility token and is overseen by a DAO. Last week, we shared IDO details, including timetables with all the upcoming IDO events for Work X. See the original announcement and find Work X on a dedicated ChainGPT Pad page. 

Work X IDO page

Work X IDO Whitelist Giveaway Spots ✅

To celebrate the upcoming Work X IDO, we have organized multiple IDO Whitelist Giveaways with Galxe and partners. Participants who entered got a chance to win one of the 15 Whitelist spots that would guarantee their place in the upcoming IDO sales regardless of their Tier. Find the original Whitelist Giveaway announcements for more details.  

Work X WL Giveaway
Work X WL Giveaway with Partners

Work X WL Giveaway with Galxe

AMA Spaces with Work X 🎙️

We had an amazing discussion with Rik Rapmund, CEO at Work X, as we explored the upcoming $WORK IDO in the latest AMA session on X Spaces, hosted by our Pad Manager, Gintare Kairyte. Listeners who tuned in could ask questions about Work X and get the very first insights into the upcoming IDO. In case you missed our AMA, you can find the recording in the link below.  

Work X AMA X Spaces Recording

Work X Trending #1 on CryptoRank 🔝

We love to see our IDOs skyrocketing! Last week, our upcoming IDO, Work X, trended as number 1 top-searched project on CryptoRank! Check out the Work X page on CryptoRank and find the original announcement below.   

Work X on CryptoRank

ChainGPT Pad and DAO Maker Collaborate to Launch GT Protocol 🤝

We have partnered with DAO Maker to launch our Incubation IDO, GT Protocol! We are thrilled to partner with such a reputable and robust launchpad as we move towards GT Protocol’s TGE. Follow up with our upcoming Incubation IDO, and see the original announcement. 

GT Protocol IDO Page

Thanksgiving Giveaway 🎁

This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for our community support and a list of fantastic and innovative IDOs launching with ChainGPT Pad. To celebrate our gratitude in line with the holiday spirit, ChainGPT organized a Thanksgiving Giveaway! Check out the original announcement to find out how you can participate to win $1,000! 

Thanksgiving Giveaway

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