ChainGPT Receives a $350,000 Grant from Google

ChainGPT’s application to the Google Cloud’s “Web3 Startup Program” has been submitted and after diligent review, ChainGPT has been accepted!

Receiving a $350,000 operational grant that will offload the cost burden from our budget and free up capital and human resource to be allocated towards growing our community, building our brand, and developing out products; we are thrilled to share this news all $CGPT members.

What is The Google Cloud Web3 Program?

A joint initiative co-piloted by Google and a group of leading blockchain giants (including Polygon, Solana, Aptos, Celo, Near, Base, Flow, and select others), the Google Cloud Web3 Startup Program is a synthesis of Web2 and Web3 infrastructure designed to provide support to early Startups at their early stages.

How Does ChainGPT Benefit?

The optimization of our budget, added infrastructure, and expansive tooling will help streamline operations and bolster our community-building efforts.

Google’s Cloud brings an abundance of computational resources that will be directed towards the processing and enhancement of the ChainGPT AI model. We will be able to process more data, deliver quicker responses, and provide an overall enhancement to the user experience across all of our generative products (Chatbot, News Engine, and NFT Generator).

Google’s suite of administrative services include all of its collaborative tools, such as meetings and organizers, that will ultimately help coordinate the ChainGPT team efforts.

Computation is resource-intensive, and storage is memory intensive. One of the potentially most effective resources that we will be able to tap into will be Google’s storage. The raw amount of data we process exerts constant pressure on being able to securely preserve it somewhere; here the cloud will play a key role in being able to scale our NFT storage faculties.

Onto Brighter Paths

ChainGPT is proud, excited, and motivated by this incredible outcome. We will continue increasing its growth rate, improving its products, building our brand, and expanding the community.

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