ChainGPT Receives the Gas Grant of the Year from BNB Chain in 2023

Let’s delve deeper into this remarkable achievement and understand why it is such a significant milestone for ChainGPT.

In recognition of our contribution to the blockchain industry, we received the prestigious Gas Grant of the Year award from BNB Chain, a leading blockchain network. This grant is a testament to our commitment to innovation and scaling in the blockchain world.

But what exactly is the Gas Grant from BNB?

BNB Chain is the blockchain network underlying the Binance ecosystem. The Gas Grant of the Year awarded by ChainGPT demonstrates BNB Chain’s recognition of our significant contribution to solving gas-related problems and promoting the development and adoption of blockchain technology.

The BNB Chain Gas grant provides us with the necessary resources, funding, and access to blockchain infrastructure to further expand our capabilities and explore new horizons. With this achievement, we have gained the trust and support we need to push our development into uncharted territory.‍

How does ChainGPT benefit from this?

Using our state-of-the-art AI models, we offer advanced solutions for the development and optimization of smart contracts, NFTs, and various other blockchain solutions.

Gas, the computational unit that determines the cost of executing transactions on a blockchain, is a limited resource. Our approach to optimizing gas usage has resulted in significant savings for both developers and users.

On the way to innovation

This is a huge achievement that confirms the effectiveness of artificial intelligence in the blockchain ecosystem. Thanks to these grants, the blockchain community will continue its journey to new heights of innovation.


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