ChainGPT Sponsors Polygon Guild Events!

ChainGPT and Polygon Unite for Developer Growth

ChainGPT is excited to announce our sponsorship of Polygon Guild events in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Porto, and Madrid!

This partnership is all about boosting developer engagement and technological advancements within the Web3 community. We recently sat down with Sharon Sciammas, CMO of ChainGPT, to get the inside scoop on why this partnership matters and what it brings to the table. Having just spoken at a Polygon Guild event in Amsterdam, Sharon had plenty of insight to share. Read our full interview below.

If you'd like to get an idea of how events look and feel, you can also watch our latest YouTube video.

Question: Hey Sharon! What’s special about ChainGPT’s sponsorship of upcoming Polygon Guild events?

Answer: Collaborating with Polygon Guild is key because it's a major hub for developers. Polygon itself has some of the most advanced blockchain technology out there. When you mention Polygon, people in the blockchain space really take notice. So it’s an excellent opportunity to introduce ChainGPT’s API and SDK tools to a ton of amazing builders.

Plus, we’re excited to see how our Smart Contract Generator and Auditor tool helps optimize and improve their development process.

Question: Can you tell us more about what Polygon is doing with its community initiatives like Polygon Guild?

Answer: Absolutely, Polygon is all about community. They run loads of local events that are super focused on bringing developers and founders together. Whether it's in Madrid, Lisbon, or Berlin, these events are where you want to be if you're into Web3. There are currently over 30,000 builders in 110 Polygon Guilds spread across 51 countries, with these guilds acting as hubs for developer communities!

Question: What makes these local events stand out?

Answer: These events are our chance to connect directly with the community. They’re not just about showing up; they're about active participation and really supporting developers in a way that other chains might not focus on. Polygon holds excellent workshops, demo days, and panel discussions for developers and founders. 

Question: How do big events compare to these more localized ones?

Answer: Big events are great but can feel a bit impersonal. They're often more commercial. The smaller ones though? They're packed with workshops and talks that are more about building and less about selling. You get to dive deep into tech and meet people who are there for the same reasons you are.

Question: What kind of outcomes do these networking opportunities create?

Answer: They’re incredibly valuable. You see people landing jobs, finding co-founders, even kicking off startups. When the community is this tight-knit, each event builds your reputation and opens doors to real collaborations.

Question: What’s ChainGPT’s goal in sponsoring these events?

Answer: We’re here to help the builders. By getting involved in these curated, community-focused events, we’re putting ChainGPT’s AI tools into the hands of people who can develop exciting dApps on Polygon and beyond. Ideally, our AI tooling can increase the speed and efficiency of their dApps. We’ve recently launched CryptoGuard, which can support Web3 security tooling as well.

Also, ChainGPT is currently offering $1M+ worth of Grants to projects building at the intersection of AI and Web3! We look forward to meeting promising projects and encouraging them to submit applications.

Looking Ahead to Future Events

Our partnership with Polygon Guilds is all about commitment to developers and fostering an environment where Web3-AI building thrives. Stay tuned for updates about local events in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Porto, Madrid!