Announcing ChainGPT's Incubation of Shieldeum

Web3 Security Powered by DePIN

We’re pleased to announce ChainGPT’s incubation of Shieldeum, an AI powered Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) that produces internet security solutions tailored for Web3 projects and cryptocurrency holders. This initiative is part of our ongoing effort to support projects that significantly enhance digital asset security and functionality.

Powerful Benefits of Incubation

Our incubation program offers critical support to emerging projects by providing them with the resources and guidance needed to develop practical business solutions. Over the next two years, Shieldeum will benefit from:

Strategic Engagement and Support: ChainGPT engages directly with projects through frequent, hands-on consultations. This personalized approach ensures tailored guidance and strategic support at every developmental stage.

Enhanced Branding and Marketing: The team aids projects in enhancing their social presence and branding, including website and logo redesigns, alongside effective social media strategies and advertising campaigns. This comprehensive support optimizes online engagement and increases project visibility.

Investment and Economic Strategy: ChainGPT not only revises tokenomics to favor sustainable growth but also offers venture capital investment, prioritizing incubated projects for funding opportunities. This approach minimizes financial risks and maximizes potential returns, setting projects up for long-term success.

Detailed Overview of Shieldeum's Operations

Shieldeum operates as an AI powered Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN), specifically designed to enhance internet security for Web3 projects and cryptocurrency holders. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how Shieldeum functions and the specific services it offers:

Core Functionality

Node Network: Shieldeum’s network consists of nodes operated on professional-grade data center servers, significantly more robust and reliable than the typical home-based servers used in many decentralized projects. This setup ensures high performance, low latency, and greater reliability in handling requests and securing data.

Token Staking and Node Participation: On the supply side, nodes come from professional cloud service providers and through Node pools anyone can join to empower the overall network. One Node consists of 100,000 SDM Tokens staked and can have an unlimited number of participants. This staking mechanism secures the network by ensuring that node providers have a vested interest in the network's integrity and performance. It also facilitates a decentralized governance model where node providers have a say in key network decisions.

Services for Users: The Shieldeum ecosystem contains Datacenter Servers producing Computing Power that enable a suite of advanced services, including application hosting infrastructure, data encryption, threat detection, and high-performance computing tasks protecting Crypto holders and Web3 Enterprises.

Vision and Mission

Shieldeum is committed to democratizing high-level internet security, ensuring that individuals and businesses can operate securely and confidently. The project fosters a community-driven approach to create a robust digital ecosystem for over 440 million cryptocurrency users globally.

Recent Achievements

Shieldeum has developed applications for all major platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, broadening its accessibility. The network has successfully locked in 2 million USDT for rigorous node testing and operational assurance.

Future Developments

Q2 2024: Launch of Shieldeum Encrypted Private Network Apps and ongoing product development.

Q3 2024: Token Generation Event and expansion to include services like an AWS bridge.

Q4 2024 and beyond: Rollout of additional security products,market expansion and most importantly the creation of its bespoke BNB Layer-2 blockchain meticulously designed for the execution of Nodes.

SDM Token Utility

The SDM token is essential for various network operations, from service payments to rewarding node providers. It is designed as a deflationary token to preserve its long-term value.


Through strategic support and resources, our incubation of Shieldeum marks a critical move towards a more secure digital environment for cryptocurrency users. We’re committed to assisting Shieldeum in achieving its vision of securing the web3 world becoming one of the biggest DePIN projects in Crypto.

📚 Shieldeum Resources:

Website | App | Twitter | Telegram Group