ChainGPT Weekly Roundup 01.28. - 02.03.
ChainGPT made more than several records last week, reaching new milestones in the number of followers, TVL, minted NFTs to date, and more! We’ve also brought home several new titles, including the top project with the highest social engagement on BNB Chain. Dive into our weekly recap and find out how our week went!  

$CGPT Hits 20 Million in TVL (Total Value Locked) 🎉

We are breaking new records in Total Value Locked for $CGPT with over $20,000,000 staked by the community. Each new milestone and record is a testament to the dedication we put into our project and the trust the community has placed in our company and the team. See the original announcement and stake $CGPT for APY. 

ChainGPT Hits New Record: 20M TVL

ChainGPT Reaches 250,000 Followers on Galxe 😍

We enjoy rewarding our community from month to month, and we usually organize our campaigns with the biggest Web3 service in this area - Galxe. Galaxy is the leading platform for Web3 community engagement, with over 1 million followers on Twitter alone and over 4 million active users on the platform. We are currently counting over 270,000 followers on Galxe - join the fastest-growing community in Web3 and check out the original announcement. 


ChainGPT Reaches 1 Million Followers on All Socials ❤️‍🔥

We are now counting over 1 million followers on all social networks combined, including Twitter with over 560,000 followers, Telegram, and YouTube. We are thrilled to share this achievement with our community as we wouldn’t be where we are today without your support! Check out the original announcement and follow us as we head for 1 million followers on Twitter. 


Over 106,000 Participants Join On-Chain Fiasco ⛓️‍💥

We are proud to share that over 106,000 participants have joined the biggest Web3 campaign in 2024 by far, which lasted for the entire month of January, organized by ChainGPT and backed by BNB Chain, Galxe, Baby Doge, ChainGPT Pad, and over 20 more partners. See the original announcement and follow us for more amazing campaigns. 


New Milestone: 21 Million NFTs Minted with ChainGPT AI NFT Generator 🖼️

We are excited to announce that in only two months, our AI NFT Generator users have minted over 12,000,000 NFTs, totaling over 21,000,000 minted NFTs since the inception of ChainGPT AI NFT Generator. We are always aspiring to reward the trust and dedication of our community, which is why are also organizing AI NFT Saturday Spotlight, rewarding 4 lucky ChainGPT AI NFT Generator users every Saturday for minting some of the top captivating NFT art on our platform. See the original announcement and mint with ChainGPT.  


ChainGPT x Polygon AMA 🎙️

Our amazing Chief Marketing Officer, Sharon Sciammas, joined Polygon for an exciting and dynamic discussion with one of the top Web3 companies, Polygon. In case you missed the live panel discussion “Navigating the Bear Market: Building a Sustainable Community-Driven Web3 MMORPG“, you can still listen to the recording - follow the link below to check out the original announcement and find the recording of the AMA. 


Strongest Community on BNB Chain 🦾

We are thrilled to share that ChainGPT was voted the Top Project with Strongest Community on BNB Chain - another testament to the dedication and trust that our community is investing in our team and our project. This confirmation of our efforts and hard work will only serve as a driving force for ChainGPT to set new standards in Web3 and AI. Together, we are stronger!


Highest Social Engagement on BNB Chain 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

In the same week, ChainGPT was crowned another flattering title - Top Project with Highest Social Engagement on BNB Chain! Find the original announcement and thank you for supporting, our project, endorsing our posts, and voting for ChainGPT!


ChainGPT x LitLab Games Giveaway 🎁

A rising star in the Web3 gaming sphere, we are thrilled to announce that ChainGPT teamed up with LitLab Games to bring the biggest season of CyberTitans to players with $15,000 in prizes! If you are playing CyberTitans during the event, you will also be able to choose our ChainGPT robot as your avatar. See the original announcement to find out more about the Giveaway and how you can join.   


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