ChainGPT Weekly Roundup 02.04. - 02.11.
This week was marked with recognition for ChainGPT and the overall adoption and mainstream use of our AI-powred tool suite and system. From the continuously rising number of followers across social media channels to the growth in active users, we are making new records from week to week. Dive into our weekly recap and find out how our last week went.  

ChainGPT Hits 300,000 Followers on Galxe 

After hitting the milestone of 250,000 followers on Galxe, the biggest platform for community growth in Web3, less than two weeks ago, we soon achieved another important milestone with over 50,000 new followers joining us on Galxe in a matter of weeks. We are thrilled to see our community growing exponentially with our company’s growth and hope to share many more achievements with you. See the original announcement below. 


ChainGPT Reaches 600,000+ Followers on X

We made a significant personal record with over half a million followers on X, now counting 609k+ followers with over 100,000 joining our X community in a week. Next stop: 1 million followers on X and many more achievements to come. Find the original announcement below and hit “Follow” if you haven’t to join the fastest-growing community on X. 


ChainGPT Counts 50,000 Telegram Chat Bot Active Users

We are excited to share that we are now recording over 50,000 unique active users for the Telegram Chat Bot. ChainGPT AI Chat Bot is one of the top popular products and tools by ChainGPT, and over 50,000 are using our Chat Bot on Telegram to learn more about crypto, blockchain, latest news and updates in Web3. We hope to see this number reach 100,000 very soon! Check out the announcement below. 


ChainGPT Top-voted Weekly Project by Certik

This Friday, ChainGPT was voted as the top project on Skynet by CertiK, a leading security-focused ranking platform to analyze and monitor blockchain protocols and DeFi projects. ChainGPT took the first spot among the ten top Web3 projects, having the biggest community of all the voted projects. See the original announcement and thank you for supporting our journey.  


ChainGPT Off-chain/On-chain Growth Stats 

For increased transparency and to continuously inform our community on the rising number of active users, minted NFTs, and other important growth statistics, ChainGPT will share biweekly updates for off-chain and on-chain statistics. As we expand our reach and grow with our community and service offer, we want to ensure that our community is always informed and that everyone has access to objective data concerning our project. See the original announcement below and check our stats for the past week. 


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