ChainGPT Wins 35th PancakeSwap Farm Auction

Let the CGPT/BUSD liquidity grow and bonus $CAKE yield flow.

ChainGPT has won the 35th official Pancake Swap Community Farm Auction with a bid of 11,000 $CAKE tokens!

Winning the auction has given $CGPT holders a new farming opportunity; for 10 days from the date of launching the farm (until July 9, 2023) by adding liquidity to the $CGPT/$BUSD farm on Pancake Swap all the LP’s will be earning boosted $CAKE yields on their holdings!

With the 6x multiplier applied to the pool, a total of 0.00136 $CAKE yield is generated for distribution per second! That translates to 4.9068 $CAKE per hour or 117.76 $CAKE per day of sweet farm yield!

How to Participate in Farm

Quick start guide on joining the farm and earning the boosted yield:

1. Go to Pancake Swap.
2. Open the Farms by clicking on “earn” at the top menu bar.
3. Scroll down to the CGPT-BUSD LP listing.
4. Connect wallet.
5. Add liquidity.

1. Go to Pancake Swap

Head over to the official website:

2. Open the Farms by clicking on “earn” at the top menu bar

Navigate to the farms section:
* Make sure that you are on BNB Smart Chain Network

3. Scroll down to the CGPT-BUSD LP listing

Being a new pool, we are currently positioned near to top; somewhere between USDT-BUSD pool and the TUSD-USDT pools.
* This might change, so if necessary scroll until found.

4. Connect wallet

Click on the “connect wallet” and select your preferred provider.

5. Add liquidity

Specify how many many tokens you would like to provide liquidity with, tune all the supplementary parameters, and deploy!

*6. Enjoy the Yield

📊 Analytics on the pool being farmed available here:
Pancake Swap $CGPT/BUSD farming pool

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