ChainGPT x BNB Chain: Unleash The Power of Web3 AI & Earn | $30,000 Giveaway

Get ready to dive into the excitement of our mega-giveaway event, now in partnership with BNB Chain! Following our hugely successful campaign with CoinMarketCap, which saw over 700,000 participants, we're excited to bring you another mega-giveaway campaign with BNB Chain. Collaborating with the BNB Chain Airdrop Marathon event, bringing to ChainGPT even more exposure than ever before. We're set to give the ChainGPT community and the $CGPT token unprecedented exposure and growth!

When and How?

Mark your calendars for December 5th through December 11th. That's when the magic happens. Want the details right away? Here's the direct link to our special airdrop event on BNB Chain’s platform, DAppBay: 

Exact Time & Dates:  

Starts: December 5th, 12:00 AM (UTC) 

Ends: December 11th, 11:59 PM (UTC)

What’s In It for the ChainGPT Ecosystem?

Great question! Let's break it down a bit:

  • Unmatched Ecosystem Exposure: BNB Chain's average daily active addresses spiked 25% to 1.4M in Q2 2023
  • Community Growth
  • User Acquisition
  • New $CGPT Holders 
  • Further Collaboration with Binance Smart Chain.
  • Just to name a few!

Want a Piece of The Pie?

#1: Complete these simple tasks for a chance to win:

#2: We will select 10,000 random participants who completed all the tasks (Raffle)

Here’s a breakdown of the tasks:

Socials Tasks (5):

On-Chain Tasks (1):

10,000 participants will share in the amazing giveaway prize pool of $30,000. Exciting, right?

How To Claim Your Reward?

To claim your reward and verify if you have won or not, simply visit and connect the same wallet that you have used to participate in the event. If you are among the winners, you will see your CGPT prize, and you’ll be able to claim it! Claim becomes available on December 13th at 12 PM (UTC).

Wrapping It Up:

We're on the edge of our seats with excitement, and we hope you are, too. December 11th is when we welcome 10,000 new $CGPT HODLers to our community. Be one of them!

Until then, keep being awesome, and see you at the BNB Chain Airdrop Marathon Event!

Additional guidelines:

  • Claim Your $CGPT Tokens: Available on opBNB.
  • Questions? Visit our Telegram or Discord for a warm welcome and comprehensive answers to your queries.

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