ChainGPT x Decrypt — Getting Started With AI Course

Come learn and earn your free on-chain AI certification!

ChainGPT is proud to announce that through the collaborative efforts of leading Web3 educational news outlet Decrypt, we have launched the “Getting Started with AI” course.

Getting Started with AI - Decrypt

Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence (AI): The moment that science fiction has been heralding for years has…

Provided for free to all Decrypt members through their University, the “Getting Started With AI” program covers all of the knowledge that is required in order to fundamentally understand the nuances and implications of AI innovation.

Neatly compartmentalized into eight (8) sessions, users can now become articulate on the subject in one dedicated hour of concentrated effort!

Session 1:
A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence from AI to IOT

Session 2:
Machine Learning and AI

Session 3:
Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Session 4:
Natural language Processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Session 5:
What are the possible uses of ChatGPT?

Session 6:
ChainGPT: A Gateway to Web3 AI

Session 7:
What are the Ethical Implications of AI?

Session 8:
What are the Dangers of AI?

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to take a quiz and claim an on-chain certificate that will validate your aptitude of AI, courtesy of Decrypt U.

What are you waiting for?

In this game, you either get ahead or get left behind!

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