ChainGPT x DexCheck: $10,000 Giveaway!

ChainGPT will be hosting a DexCheck ($DCK) and ChainGPT ($CGPT) giveaway campaign that will be launched through Galxe in honor of the $DCK IDO coming to ChainGPT Pad.

Join the campaign:


🌊 Total Prize Pool: $10,000 ($5,000 $CGPT and $5,000 $DCK)
🙋‍♂️ Total Winners: 100
💸 Prize Per Participant: $100
Campaign Duration: ~ 17 days
📅 Start Date: July 10th
📅 End Date: July 27th

How To Participate

1) Go to Campaign on Galxe here
2) Connect Wallet
3) Collect credentials for completing the tasks
4) Wait for event completion & raffle draw
5) Collect prize!

Campaign Quests

*Note* All activity must be conducted through the Galxe interface in order for your wallet to be registered and the points to be attributed.

1) Follow DexCheck on Twitter (link)
2) Follow ChainGPT on Twitter (link)
3) Join DexCheck on Telegram (link)
4) Join ChainGPT on Telegram (link)
5) Join ChainGPT News Channel on Telegram (link)
6) Join ChainGPT Discord groups (link)
7) Visit DexCheck website (link)
8) Visit ChainGPT Pad (link)
9) Visit Website (link)
10) Watch ChainGPT Pad Video Clip on YouTube (link)
11) Watch DexCheck Introduction Clip on YouTube (link)

Immediately after you complete these steps, your wallet becomes eligible, and you are enrolled in the prize pools raffle.

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