ChainGPT x YayNetwork Strategic Partnership Announcement

The countdown for the ChainGPT Initial Decentralized Offer (IDO) has started, and we’re excited to announce an important partnership that will ensure the process will be as smooth as possible. We’ve teamed up with YAY Network, an ecosystem built to guide Web3 projects’ journey from idea to fruition.

YAY Network provides fundraising through its launchpad. It also provides essential services like advisory, business development, community growth, marketing, IT solutions, and market making. We have yet to launch our utility token ($CGPT). Still, we will allow our community to partake in a public pre-sale of our $CGPT cryptocurrency token, and YAY Network will be a vital part of that process.

YAY Network is set to support ChainGPT in multiple roles, providing overall guidance in the fundraising and execution phases. We are thrilled to welcome them as partners during the initial stages. Guilherme Jovanovic, Founder and CEO at Yay Network, stated:

“I am thrilled to start our journey with the ChainGPT! My optimism stems not only from the products they’ve already unveiled but also from the team that powers this venture. A collective of brilliant minds, visionary leaders, and execution experts. They embody the very essence of innovation! As a result, I can say, with absolute conviction, that ChainGPT stands as one of the most promising, trailblazing projects to emerge this year!”

About ChainGPT

ChainGPT’s highly sophisticated AI model simplifies navigating the Blockchain arena to an unprecedented degree. Whether you’re a business person, developer, trader, researcher, scientist, writer, or cryptocurrency enthusiast, ChainGPT is a must-have AI tool. It’s like having an expert assistant with everything related to Crypto and Blockchain.

ChainGPT has identified numerous use cases, such as developing Smart Contracts, managing risk, conducting market analysis, engaging in advanced AI trading, performing Blockchain analytics, clarifying code, providing knowledge and guidance, conducting AI audits, and delivering automated news. Furthermore, countless other use cases can be accomplished with this AI model.

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About YAY Network

YAY Network is the thriving ecosystem designed explicitly for ambitious entrepreneurs, set to revolutionize the world of fundraising and community building. We aim to empower innovators by delivering a comprehensive, risk-free, accessible launchpad experience with a cutting-edge marketing and Advisory suite.

Discover the YAY Network Launchpad, where our established and loyal community has already witnessed several triumphant sales for tokens and NFTs. Experience our easy-to-use and fair allocation scheme, making the funding accessible to everyone through staking stables without the need for a launchpad token. We’re committed to supporting your project’s success through strategic marketing, fundraising, and expert guidance.

Boost your project’s visibility with our Organic Community Building & Hype services. Benefit from our targeted growth campaigns, cross-marketing collaborations, KOL management, press release support, and content creation. Our experienced growth and marketing teams have worked with over 50 crypto projects, delivering exceptional community engagement and brand awareness results.

Leverage the expertise of our Advisory team to ace your private sale, perfect your pitch, and optimize your website and pitch deck. Access valuable introductions to VCs and Angels while our team helps you craft a market-aligned strategy and roadmap. We’ll study the market landscape to optimize your token metrics and sustainability, ensuring long-term success for your project.

Our skilled IT team, comprising 30 developers, 4 project managers, and 4 UI/QI experts, is ready to tackle any Web3 product development challenges, regardless of complexity. Trust our in-house capabilities to bring your vision to life with seamless execution and exceptional quality.

Choose YAY Network to fuel your entrepreneurial dreams and join our thriving ecosystem of success stories!

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