ChainGPT's Incubation Spotlight: Solidus AI Tech, DexCheck
At ChainGPT, we pride ourselves on fostering innovation and nurturing groundbreaking projects that are set to redefine the blockchain landscape. Today, we’re excited to shed light on two of our incubated projects that have been making waves in the crypto space.

Solidus AI Tech: Bridging AI and Blockchain

Incubated by ChainGPT, Solidus AI Tech is on a mission to seamlessly integrate AI into the decentralized world. Their focus is not just on creating solutions but on enhancing the entire blockchain ecosystem. Here’s what they’ve been up to lately:

🐼 BitPanda and Coinstore Listing

Solidus AI Tech has made its mark by securing listings on BitPanda and Coinstore. This move not only increases the token’s accessibility but also broadens its investor base, paving the way for future growth.

📣 Announcement #1, Announcement #2

👥 Community Growth with Over 4M $AITECH Staked

The numbers speak for themselves. The community’s trust in $AITECH is evident with over 4 million tokens staked. This robust staking activity is a testament to the project’s potential and the community’s belief in its vision.

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🤝 Partnership with TRON DAO

Taking strides in Web3 AI, Solidus AI Tech’s collaboration with TRON DAO is a significant leap forward. The project stands ready to provide AI projects with formidable HPC capabilities, driving innovation forward.

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🔥 Token Buy-Back & Burn

In a strategic move, 666,000 $AITECH tokens were bought back and burnt. This action not only showcases the project’s commitment to its holders but also aims to stabilize and potentially increase the token’s value.

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Solidus AI Tech Resources:

🌐 General: Website
📃 Docs: Whitepaper
🤳 Social Media: Twitter | Telegram | Discord

DexCheck: Revolutionizing Crypto Trading

AI-Driven Trading Insights Another standout from ChainGPT’s incubation, DexCheck offers an analytical platform powered by AI. It’s not just about data, but about giving traders the edge they need. Here’s the latest from DexCheck:

🤖 Telegram Trading Bot for BNB Chain

A game-changer in trading, this bot is nearing its launch and promises to redefine the trading experience on the BNB Chain. With real-time alerts and insights, traders can make informed decisions swiftly.

📣 Announcement

🤝 Teaming Up with SolarXcoin

This collaboration with the eco-conscious SolarXcoin project is set to bring added value to the DexCheck community. By aligning with projects that share a vision for a sustainable future, DexCheck emphasizes its commitment to responsible innovation.

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🎯 The Arrival of the Sniper Bot

Ready to change the face of crypto sniping, this bot is all about giving users the advantage right at token launches. It’s designed to ensure users never miss out on lucrative trading opportunities.

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🧾 Smartfolio Beta Goes Live

An all-in-one crypto portfolio management tool, Smartfolio is now available in its beta version. It streamlines the tracking process, making it easier for traders to monitor and manage their assets effectively.

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DexCheck Resources:

🌐 General: Website
📃 Docs: Whitepaper | PitchDeck | Tokenomics
🤳 Social Media: Twitter | Telegram | Medium

Looking Ahead

As these projects continue to soar, we’re confident that they’re just scratching the surface of their potential. The road ahead is filled with opportunities, challenges, and milestones. At ChainGPT, we’re committed to supporting them every step of the way. And for our community, stay tuned! More groundbreaking projects incubated by ChainGPT are on the horizon.

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