ChainGPT’s Telegram AI

Designed to cater to groups of all sizes, ChainGPT’s Telegram AI bot is the most sophisticated crypto companion for any digital community.

Acting as a steward of the blockchain and Web3 industry, ChainGPT’s Telegram AI is a friendly way to organize databases, streamline interactions, and automate quality information all inside a familiar chat interface.

Sourcing information in the hyperconnected and often noisy world that we live in today can become a herculean task. Managing a community that is constantly asking questions and looking for attention makes that task an order of magnitude harder.

Automate your communities’ blockchain, crypto, and Web3 queries with ChainGPT’s telegram bot!

Just take a look at some of the useful applications for having your community coordinate with a domain-expert AI:

Query Resolution:

The ChainGPT Telegram AI is able to provide answers to questions with high levels of accuracy. No more having to make your community wait for responses and no more overloading your CM’s with redundant questions. Streamline the information your community needs.

An Extra Community Manager:

The bot can help manage conversations, moderate language, and organize the community. Help community managers focus on high fidelity issues while being able to offload some repetitive tasks to the ChainGPT AI.

Spin Up Smart Contracts and Audit code:

Technical communities are notorious for their attention to detail and fascination with the quality control of codebases. ChainGPT’s Telegram bot can help entertain them with its blazing-fast security checks and shock them with its accuracy. Let them dive deeper than ever before and compete with the AI in ensuring sound code.


From technical analysis to price feeds, the ChainGPT bot can explore markets and provide insights on potential investments order of magnitude faster than a manual researcher.

NFT Generation:

Allow your community to express itself like never before. The ChainGPT AI NFT generator in telegram allows members to transform their text into visualizations and then publish them as permanent works of their art on-chain.

Provide news:

A key part of ChainGPT’s superiority over other language models is its recency. Have all of the most relevant, updated news aggregated for your community and organized in a pleasant, simple to comprehend form factor.

Help Your Community Help Itself!

Just check out the partners that are integrating ChainGPT into their telegrams and helping their communities blossom:




Alvey Chain




To see the power and flexibility of the Telegram AI bot in action take a look at the ChainGPT official Telegram Chat .

To learn more about the AI bot Check out the ChainGPT AI Doc

Be Advised
The Telegram bot will only be free to use during the beta stage, afterward, integrations will be charged in $CGPT based on their usage (requests).

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