Chappyz IDO on ChainGPT Pad!
Chappyz, AI powered plug-and-play protocol that helps build real community engagement & growth, will be launching its $CHAPZ token on ChainGPT Pad. We are excited to support the team behind this project!

What is Chappyz?

Chappyz is an AI platform dedicated to fostering authentic community engagement and facilitating growth, complete with analytical tools, and it also rewards contributors who bring value. In the realm of Web3, the revenue model operates by channeling all protocol income into tokens and liquidity through an automated procedure.

Recent Achievements

Highlights of Chappyz’s accomplishments so far.

✅ Public beta now accessible to all.
✅ Over 5,000 platform registrations and counting.
✅ 100,000+ website visits from 100+ countries worldwide .
✅ Revenue generation with innovative Cookies feature.
✅ AI V2 live with dynamic rewards & improved chat analysis.
✅ Partnership with Moonpass and associated tech integration.

Chappyz Features

Insights into some of Chappyz key product features.

‍🔑 Quality Over Quantity 🔑

Chappyz emphasizes the importance of meaningful interactions within digital communities rather than just accumulating large follower counts or likes. It aims to redefine the success of a community by prioritizing the depth of engagement.

🌍 Topic-Based Communities 🌍

The platform allows users to find and join communities based on their specific interests and topics. This approach fosters more tailored and passionate conversations among like-minded individuals.

🔬 Sentiment-Based Sorting 🔬

Chappyz introduces a unique feature that enables users to sort communities based on sentiment. This ensures that users can align themselves with communities that share their beliefs, values, and emotions, enhancing the sense of belonging.

📊 Transparent Engagement Metrics 📊

Chappyz provides transparent engagement metrics, allowing users to assess the activity level and participation within a community accurately. This helps users avoid joining dormant or inactive groups.

👨‍💻 Advanced Analytics for Brands and Projects 👨‍💻

Chappyz offers advanced analytics tools for brands, startups, and projects in the Web3 space. These tools help these entities understand user behaviors, identify key contributors, and refine their engagement strategies.

🔍 Investor Insights 🔍

Investors can benefit from Chappyz by evaluating the true value of communities based on genuine engagement metrics. This helps investors make more informed decisions and avoid being influenced solely by inflated numbers.

💸 AI-Driven Reward System 💸

Chappyz employs AI to evaluate user contributions and issue rewards that reflect the value each individual brings to the community. This personalized approach aims to celebrate and acknowledge users’ unique contributions.

🧬 Focus on Authenticity 🧬

Chappyz’s overarching goal is to champion authentic community engagement in the Web3 space. It encourages users, brands, and investors to move beyond superficial metrics and prioritize real conversations and contributions.

‍Chappyz Tokenomics

The economic system of the Chappyz tokens.

Token name: Chapz Token
Token Ticker: $CHAPZ
Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
Token Standard: BSC-20
Network: BNB Smart Chain

$CHAPZ Token Distribution/Allocation:

  • 7.50% Pre-Seed
  • 7.50% Seed
  • 5% KOL’s Round
  • 16% IDO
  • 14% Team
  • 7% Advisors
  • 25% Rewards
  • 10.5% Liquidity
  • 7.5% Treasury

Utilities of the $CHAPZ Token

Applications and benefits of the Chappyz project’s native token.

  1. Medium of exchange:
  • Rewarding users for engagement
  • Purchasing premium items

2. Proof of Commitment:

  • Staking for rewards (tiered)
  • Governance (tiered) — to vote on the percent from the treasury used on buybacks, and whether Project Cs will pay a fee in blue chips like Projects A and B, or whether they will owe some of their tokens to the Internal Pool.

3. Access to the internal pool.

Investors & Partners

Theodore Aragant (Alpha Crypto Capital), Oddiyana Ventures, Justin & Jason Abernathy (Abernathy Group), VMO Group, Make ’Em Say, The Dude, MoonBoots Capital, Luna PR, Influx Group, Interstellar Ventures, Wolf of Markets, Seedify, Decubate, Poolz, ChainGPT, ByBit.

IDO Specifications

Details about the Initial Dex Offering on ChainGPT Pad:

IDO Dates: November 2nd-3rd

Price at Launch: $0,006
Total Allocation: $200,000
Maximum Cap: $200,000
Date of Launch: Q4, 2023

Learn more about Chappyz and its IDO details:

Chappyz Resources:

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