Community DAO Proposal Spotlight: Rethinking IDO Participation Rounds

The ChainGPT community is at the heart of our platform's evolution. We believe in the power of collective decision-making, and our recent DAO proposal is a testament to that. Today, we're diving deep into a proposal that has sparked significant interest and debate: Should we change the IDO participation rounds from 2 to 3, and which tiers should be eligible for each round?

View the full proposal here:

Community Verdict:

  • 🟢 53.81% favor changing the rounds from 2 to 3 for enhanced fairness.
  • 🔴 46.19% advocate for retaining the current structure.

Breaking Down the Current IDO Flow:

  • Pre-Purchase Round: Exclusively for Gold & Diamond tier members.
  • Guaranteed Round: Open to selected Bronze members and all Silver, Gold, and Diamond members.
  • FCFS (First-Come-First-Serve) Round: Accessible to all Launchpad users, even those who haven't registered interest in the IDO.

What's the Community's Take?

The proposal stems from a desire to make IDO allocations more predictable and equitable. The current structure, especially the FCFS round, has been challenging for many, with allocations filling up within mere seconds of the round's commencement.

The community's suggestion? Adjust the Pre-Purchase round to encompass Silver tier members, ensuring a broader range of participants. This change, if approved, will set a new standard for all future IDOs unless a different consensus emerges.

The Proposed IDO Structure:

Round #0: Pre-Purchase (24 hours duration)

Eligible Tiers: Silver, Gold, Diamond

Round #1: Guaranteed (24 hours duration)

Eligible Tiers: Bronze (via Whitelist Campaigns only), Silver, Gold, Diamond

Round #2: FCFS (12 hours duration)

Eligible Tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond

Delving Deeper: The Original Proposal's Nuances

The original proposal emphasized the challenges faced by community members during the FCFS round. The aim? To make IDO investments fairer and more accessible. The proposal also highlighted the need for further discussions on the exact allocation amounts and calculations for the potential new round.

Final Thoughts

At ChainGPT, we're committed to fostering an environment where every voice matters. Like many before, this proposal showcases the power of community-driven decision-making. Whether you favor the change or prefer the status quo, we value your input and encourage active participation in our DAO proposals.

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, thank you for being an integral part of the ChainGPT community.

About ChainGPT: ChainGPT is a leading blockchain platform dedicated to fostering community-driven innovations. Our DAO proposals are a testament to our commitment to decentralized decision-making, ensuring every member has a say in our platform's evolution.

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