Cookie3 Awarded Grant in ChainGPT's $1 Million Program

Introducing Cookie3: Digital Marketing with $COOKIE Token

We're excited to announce the inclusion of Cookie3 in our Web3-AI Grant Program. Cookie3, is a MarketingFi Protocol and AI Data Layer. They’ll receive a $25k grant from ChainGPT to bolster their impressive progress.

Cookie3’s mission represents a significant step towards shifting the $366 billion worth of marketing value from industry giants like Google and Facebook onto users who actively contribute to Web3 marketing efforts. Read ahead to learn more.

Unlocking Marketing Value Across Web3 Platforms

Cookie3 empowers users and projects within its ecosystem! Through its proprietary off- and on-chain analytics engine and AI Data Layer, Cookie3 enables the transfer of marketing value directly to users via the $COOKIE token. This approach ensures that marketing budgets are allocated to quality users who genuinely contribute to project success, rather than being monopolized by centralized advertising platforms.

The $COOKIE token plays a pivotal role within the Cookie3 ecosystem, spanning three main platforms: Cookie3 Analytics, Cookie3 Affiliate, and Cookie3 Score (coming up in Q3 2024). With Cookie3 Analytics, marketers gain deeper insights into user behavior, enabling them to tailor campaigns effectively. 

Cookie3 Affiliate is the biggest KOL aggregator in Web3 with over 15K registered KOLs and 172M total follower base. It's the first decentralized affiliate protocol enabling fair value distribution between businesses, creators, and users. 

Cookie3’s MarketingFi Score is an off and on-chain behavior score that helps projects determine how valuable a user is, excluding bots and malicious actors at the same time. Quality users then get access to airdrops, unique campaigns, exclusive events, and more.

Here’s a quick rundown of their successes so far:

  • 170+ dapps using Cookie3 Analytics
  • 9B multichain transactions processed
  • 16+ integrated chains
  • 650M+ wallets processed
  • 16K+ KOLs actively using Cookie3 Affiliate with a total follower base of 280M+
  • 114k+ users participating in the $COOKIE airdrop

You can participate in Cookie3’s Gamified Airdrop Campaign by visiting this link.

Accelerate Your Web3 Venture with ChainGPT

We’re awarding $1,000,000 worth of Web3-AI grants to projects of all stages! Our program is designed to advance teams and researchers from initial research and MVP to their growth phases.

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About Cookie3
Cookie3 pioneers MarketingFi with an AI data layer— a transparent marketing economy unlocking value for Web3 users, creators, and businesses, with over 170 dapps such as Kyber Swap, Mantle, WOO, Polkastarter, Linea, GameSwift, DODO, eesee, and Insomnia already using Cookie3 technology. To realize its mission, Cookie3 is building a set of MarketingFi platforms and Web3 AI marketing solutions that connect projects with the right audiences, creating profitable opportunities for both.

Cookie3 uses off- and on-chain analytics alongside a Web3 AI data layer to ensure only valuable user and project interactions benefit from the MarketingFi ecosystem. In an economy where lines between business owners, investors, and consumers are blurred, effective marketing becomes collaborative, and value flows freely between all stakeholders. Backed by top institutional investors such as Spartan, GSR, Big Brain Holdings, CMT Digital, Hartmann Capital, Jsquare, Orange DAO, Polkastarter, and Chain Gpt, Cookie3 fills the gap where Web2 marketing comes short.

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