DAO Proposal #6: BuyBack and Burn 200k $CGPT; Update on DAO Proposal #3

Revision on previous DAO Proposal #3 — $CGPT Community Burn Event

On May 20th a DAO proposal was submitted to the $CGPT community to engage in a “Community Burn Event”. After a weeklong deliberation, the community nominated for the proposal to go through.

After the observation that the community has not been participating as had been anticipated, coupled with the recent macro events that have shaken up the crypto industry in late May and early June, careful considerations of the steps forward had been made.

In light of these proceedings, the ChainGPT DAO has received a new proposal with the objective to halt the Community Burn event and re-allocate the participation rewards budget to a 200k $CGPT Buy-Back & Burn.

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“Proposal To Buy-Back & Burn 200K CGPT | DAO #3 Update Suggestion”


📅 Voting Begins: June 12, 2023 @ 3:17 PM UTC
📅 Voting Ends: June 15, 2023 @ 3:17 PM UTC

Voting Options:
1️⃣ Yes, Halt to Engage Buyback & Burn
2️⃣ No, Continue Community Burn Event

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Should the burn even be canceled, all participating members that have contributed to the burn will be fully reimbursed the exact $CGPT token amount that they have contributed.

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