DAO Proposal #7: ChainGPT V1 Release Celebration — $50,000 CGPT Buy-Back & Burn Event!
Months in the making, ChainGPT has announced the highly-anticipated release of its V1 application! In honor of this milestone achievement, a celebratory event has been proposed to the ChainGPT community.

A new proposal, Proposal #7, “ChainGPT V1 Release Celebration: $50,000 CGPT Buy-Back & Burn Event!” has been submitted to the ChainGPT DAO for community consideration.

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Buybacks-and-Burns have become a powerful driving force for aligning the incentives between teams and crypto communities. Exuding positive economic pressure through open market operations that result in the dual benefit of circulating supply contraction is highly regarded as an effective solution to long term value accrual.


📅 Voting Begins: August 3th, 11:54AM (UTC)
📅 Voting Ends: August 6th, 11:54AM (UTC)

Voting Options:
1️⃣ Buy-Back & Burn $50k CGPT
2️⃣ Buy-Back & Burn $25k CGPT
3️⃣ Don’t Buy-Back & Burn

📩 View and Vote here 📩

ChainGPT is deeply grateful to its community for their relentless support and belief in our vision. We are excited to be releasing the V1 in the coming days and hope that the outcome of this proposal further strengthens out commitments.

Stay updated on the status of the proposal by monitoring the governance dashboard here or directly in the proposal interface here.

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