DAO Proposal #8: New Feature! Free Giveaways Of Incubation Projects To Diamond & Gold Tier Members
Always on the look for new methods of strengthening our relationships and connecting with our community members, a new feature has been proposed to the ChainGPT DAO that would prove equally beneficial to $CGPT stakers and our IDO partnership network.

A new proposal, Proposal #8, “New Feature! Free Giveaways Of Incubation Projects To Diamond & Gold Tier Members!” has been submitted to the ChainGPT DAO for community consideration.

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Giveaways are a popular vehicle for bootstrapping communities, strengthening existing relationships, amplifying marketing reach, and increasing the distribution of digital assets.

Inspired by the devout community members that have committed their $CGPT tokens and the problem of achieving real, on-chain token distribution that crypto startups are all too familiar with, ChainGPT has proposed an enhanced IDO distribution model that will share a portion of tokens acquired via the incubation program throughout its community.

Effectively the community is presented with four choices; should the options with community dissemination be enacted, ChainGPT will implement a “giveaway” interface where users will be able to interact with this module.


📜 Proposal submitted: September 2nd, 11:19 AM

📅 Voting Begins: September, 4th 12:00 AM (UTC)
📅 Voting Ends: September 7th, 12:00AM (UTC)

Voting Options:
1️⃣ Priority Rewards for Gold & Diamond, with FCFS Access for Silver
2️⃣ Exclusive Rewards for Gold & Diamond Members
3️⃣ Treasury Retention
4️⃣ Strengthen the DAO Fund

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Option Breakdown

1. Priority Rewards for Gold & Diamond, with FCFS Access for Silver:

  • All Diamond & Gold members can participate, regardless of their IDO participation.
  • The FCFS round will be open for Silver members.

2. Exclusive Rewards for Gold & Diamond Members:

Members that have surpassed a certain CGPTsp threshold and possess either Gold or Diamond tier levels will have the incubation projects tokens distributed amongst themselves as follows:

  • Diamond and Gold users who participated in the IDO and didn’t claim a refund get first priority in the Guaranteed round.
  • If there remain any unclaimed tokens, then non-participants of the IDO can claim them in the FCFS (First Come First Serve) round.

3. Treasury Retention:

Keep things unchanged, disregard any giveaways, all incubation project tokens will be kept with the ChainGPT treasury.

4. Strengthen the DAO Fund:

No direct giveaways, allocate the portion of tokens from incubation projects to the DAO fund and allow for the community to decide how/when to use them.

Once voting concludes on this proposal and a decision is made, ChainGPT will retroactively distribute the tokens from the last two projects that held IDOs and where incubated by ChainGPT:

Tokens to be given away:

  • $AITECH | AITech = 4,000,000 (approx. $150k)
  • $DCK | DEXCheck = 1,650,000 (approx. $35k)

ChainGPT is deeply grateful to its community for their relentless support and belief in our vision. We hope to continue providing more opportunities to our loyal members as the project matures.

Stay updated on the status of the proposal by monitoring the governance dashboard here or directly in the proposal interface here.

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