DAO Proposal: Bridge $CGPT to the Ethereum Network

As the world of crypto matures and global finance transitions to its digital super-self, interoperability proves to be a key component of mass adoption. ChainGPT believes that the future of the digital economy will be multi-chain.

A new proposal, Proposal #5, “Bridge $CGPT token to the Ethereum Network” has been submitted to the ChainGPT DAO for community consideration.

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When initially launched, Binance Smart Chain was chosen to be the original network upon which the $CGPT token would be deployed due to its robust technical infrastructure, deep liquidity, preferable transaction speeds and costs, and incredible adoption by users around the world. Among its attractive features was its EVM compatibility, seamless connectivity to the rest of the blockchain within the Ethereum Virtual Machine universe.

We believe it is time that we expand the presence of the $CGPT token and unite AI communities across multiple chains!


📅 Voting Begins: June 10, 2023 @ 8:00 AM UTC
📅 Voting Ends: June 12, 2023 @ 8:00 AM UTC

Voting Options:
1️⃣ Yes Bridge
2️⃣ No, Don’t Bridge

📩 View and Vote here 📩

Ethereum is known as the maverick that brought smart contract capabilities into the digital economy and empowered the world of cryptocurrency with radical new capabilities. Being the chain with the most DEFI TVL and hosting many of the most prominent protocols/applications within its ecosystem, bringing $CGPT to Ethereum holds immense opportunities for ChainGPT.

Opportunities of Bridging to Ethereum

1) Listing $CGPT on new trading venues
2) Exposure to a broader range of Partnership opportunities
3) Potential for new pair listings
4) Access to Ethereum native DEFI protocols
5) Access to Ethereum native communities

We must embrace this as an opportunity to go where $CGPT has not gone before, into the ether 😉.

Stay updated on the status of the proposal by monitoring the governance dashboard here or directly in the proposal interface here.

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