ChainGPT Incubation: DexCheck
DexCheck has passed the rigorous ChainGPT qualitative assessments and been inducted into the ChainGPT Incubation program. The vision, mission, and team behind DexCheck has inspired us to provide support on their journey into Web3.

We are proud to announce that DexCheck is officially incubated by ChainGPT.

What is DexCheck?

Dexcheck is an AI-powered analytics platform and trading tool for blockchain-based assets. Every form of on-chain data, from cryptocurrencies and token pools, to NFTs and DEX trading volume the DexCheck platform is augmenting traditional research processes of analyzing information with machine learning. Additionally, DexCheck employs social intelligence functionality for evaluating sentiment and tracking capital flows known as “smart-money”. Intuitively packaged into a user-friendly interface, the platform acts as the ultimate assistant for traders and investors in their strategic decision-making.

DexCheck Platform Features and Functions:

💻Checkboard: The interface that aggregates all information into a coherent interface.
🔔 InsightsGPT: Cutting-edge, conversational Smart Money alert system.
💹AI-DexFolio: On-chain intelligent insights based on wallet token holdings.
🔎AI-Arbitrage Scanner: Automate tool to help identify market dislocations for opportunities in arbitraging tokens between DEXs.
📈 Top Crypto Traders leaderboard: Tracking system for monitoring elite token traders.
📉 Top NFT Traders leaderboard:Tracking system for monitoring elite NFT flippers.
🔮 Mirror Trading Bot: Automated copy trading of leading traders.
👛 Address Analyzer: In-depth visualization tool for understanding PnL and Trading Insights
🐳 Whales Tracker: Real-time monitoring of large transactions and movements by the largest user accounts; both Crypto and NFT.
📌Bitcoin DEFI Tracker: BRC-20 token and ordinals token tracker.
📰News Tracker: On-chain intelligent insights based on wallet token holdings.

More information on the existing features and functions the DexCheck platform available in their official whitepaper here
📃 DexCheckWhitepaper/features

Who is the team behind DexCheck?

There is a core team of 10 talented people working on bringing DexCheck to market:

Raph | Project Lead
Responsible for project development, strategy, and achievement of key KPIs. Extensive experience in crypto trading and blockchain data analysis.

Tejas | Innovation Lead
Responsible for product innovations, past experience in institutionalizing analytics for global payment, insurance companies, banks and technology players in the areas of marketing and risk analytics, and scale internal organizational processes for a Fortune 500 company.

Pavneet | Technical Lead
10+ Years in Blockchain, Fintech, and Development.Developed, led, and Launched multiple products in the web3 space.

Jatin |  Senior Blockchain Developer
5+ Years of core Blockchain Development. Nodes, Indexes, Graphs, Bots, and Database Solutions specialist.

Kiran | Sr. Frontend Developer
6+ Years of Frontend Development using Next.js, Redux, Typescript, and customizable end-to-end solutions. Web3 Development expert with hands-on experience in multiple blockchain interfaces.

Prakash | Sr. Backend Developer
3+ Years of experience with MERN Stack. Expert at Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js, and javascript.

Rahul | Frontend Developer
4+ Years of experience with Frontend technologies including React, Next, and Redux.

Aayush | Full-Stack Developer
2+ Years of Full Stack Development experience in MERN.

Gino | Marketing & Growth Manager
International Relations graduate with 3+ years of experience in the crypto ecosystem. Passionate about growth hacking marketing strategies, finance, blockchain business models, and technical content writing.

Justin | Community Manager
I.T professional with 6 years of experience in Cyber Security and 2 years of experience in Community Management, passionate about technology and security.

More information on the DexCheck team available in the team section of their official whitepaper here

DexCheck Tokenomics

With a vision for equitable ownership and decentralization of its product, DexCheck is implementing its own token, $DCK.

Token Specifications:

Token Name: DexCheck Token
Token Symbol: $DCK
Token Standard: BEP-20
Issuing Network: Binance Smart Chain
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Token Utilities:

1️⃣ Intelligence: Unlock the full suite of application services including the PRO Smart Money dashboards and AI-alerts.
2️⃣ Market Alpha: Join a specialized on-chain Trading Group and Support with premium insights and opportunities.
3️⃣ Early Access to DexCheck Ventures: Gain entry to DexCheck Ventures arm to partake in exclusive Private Sales
4️⃣ Governance: Become a member of the DexCheck DAO and help steer the direction of the project with your influence.

More information on DexCheck’s $DCK token utilities can be found in their
For specifications around distribution and allocation please check out their dedicated webpage

What are we providing for DexCheck?

Being such a young industry, the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 space is notorious for its breakneck speed of evolution. In order to cater to the needs of the burgeoning digital economy it is quintessential that early stage projects develop nimble roadmaps and have intelligent contingency plans for maneuvering their product and communities. ChainGPT is providing guidance across every fundamental element vector of the crypto and blockchain industry.

With the dynamic database of ChainGPT’s AI, we are able to provide DexCheck with infrastructure for their products and develop agile iteration methods to make sure they are always ahead of their competition.

Through our extensive network of partners, we are building relationships for integrations and sourcing funding for DexCheck. From decentralized service providers to some of the worlds leading exchange platforms, major market actors are being informed about DexChecks validity and opening their doors for cooperation.

Leveraging our vibrant community, we are pollinating their social platforms by driving attention. Simultaneously, we are helping them establish community guidelines and organize their management systems to attract and retain users.

The Beginning of Something Great

DexCheck is the first project tapping into the ChainGPT extensive mentorship network of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders within Web3 to provide all of the necessary infrastructure for them to maximize their presence and come to market with an impact.

DexCheck Resources:

🌐 General: Website
📃 Docs: Whitepaper | PitchDeck | Tokenomics
🤳 Social Media: Twitter | Telegram | Medium

Providing support, guidance, and accelerating excellence, the ChainGPT Incubation is an extensive, in-depth, multi-month-long program of intense, intimate collaboration between promising projects that are looking to launch into Web3.

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