Earn More with ChainGPT: Introducing Our Referral Program

We're excited to announce the launch of our new Referral System for the ChainGPT Web App and NFT Generator! This program is designed to reward our loyal users for spreading the word about ChainGPT.

How It Works

Get Your Unique Referral Link:

  • Every user has a unique referral code available on their profile page.
  • Click on the copy icon next to your referral code to get the referral URL. It looks something like this: https://app.chaingpt.dev?referralcode=d3846d34f3

Share Your Referral Link:

  • Share this URL with anyone who might benefit from using ChainGPT. Remember, the user must be new and should never have connected their wallet with ChainGPT before.

Referral Success:

  • When a new user signs up and connects their wallet using your referral link, they will receive a success message.

Earn Credits:

  • Whenever your referred user purchases credits, you earn a 10% bonus of the credits they buy. For instance, if they purchase 1000 credits, you receive 100 credits as a referral bonus.

Tracking Your Referrals

You can easily keep track of your referral history:

  • Referral History Tab: See how many credits your referees have purchased and how much bonus you’ve earned from each.
  • Profile Page: The “Check Referrals” button will redirect you to the referral history tab where you can view detailed information.

Example Scenario

If you refer a new user who purchases 1000 credits:

  • The new user receives 1000 credits.
  • You receive a 100-credit bonus.

This system ensures that you can continuously earn rewards as your referees make purchases, providing a steady stream of bonus credits.

Visit your profile page on the ChainGPT Web App and start sharing your referral link today and watch your bonus credits grow! 

Also, keep in touch for the latest news from ChainGPT!

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