Exploring ChainGPT Prototype V 1.6 - What's New & What's Coming Next

Exploring ChainGPT Prototype V 1.6

The latest update of ChainGPT, version V1.6, brings forth an abundance of new features and improvements. This article aims to explore the updated design and functions of ChainGPT’s prototype in detail.

Explore v1.6 with Tonio Stintzing the head of media & content:

What ChainGPT V1.6 Prototype Has To Offer:

  • AI Chatbot: The ChainGPT AI Chatbot is a conversational AI-powered assistant that was designed specifically for Blockchain technology and crypto. Whether you’re an individual, developer, or business, ChainGPT can assist you with a wide range of tasks: no-code smart-contract programming, debugging, market analysis, guidance, trading, and more. The beta version is currently live, and It’s free; check it out here.
  • Dev Assist: Dev Assist is an open-source browser extension that provides users with a comprehensive understanding of smart-contract interactions. The tool visually represents the code and its workings, making it easier for developers and non-developers alike to understand how the contracts work. Download here
  • AI Solidity Smart Contract Generator: Use our AI Solidity Smart Contract Generator to create Smart Contracts! Describe the Solidity Smart Contract you wish to generate, and ChainGPT Al will write it for you. The prototype has a template already entered that you can use to see how the contract is output. Try our prototype here.
  • AI Solidity Smart Contract Auditor: Use our AI Solidity Smart Contract Auditor to find vulnerabilities and exploits in Solidity Smart Contracts. Any contract written in Solidity can be entered for our AI to analyze in seconds. More languages will be supported in the future. Try our prototype here.

More Features Coming Soon:

  • AI-Generated News: ChainGPT offers an AI-powered news service that automates generating news articles in the Blockchain and Crypto space. The service is designed to provide users with up-to-date and accurate information about the latest trends and developments in the sector.
  • AI-Generated NFTs: AI-Generated NFTs are non-fungible tokens created based on user prompts using AI-powered algorithms. These NFTs are unique and can be used for various applications such as digital art, in-game items, and digital collectibles.
  • AI Trading Bot: The AI Trading Bot is an AI-powered trading bot that will automatically analyze market data and make trading decisions on behalf of the user (limited to decentralized exchanges). It is designed to maximize profits while minimizing risks and can execute trades in a fraction of a second.
  • ChainGPT (Layer-1 Blockchain) Virtual Machine: The ChainGPT Virtual Machine is a next-generation virtual machine that offers a unique combination of EVM compatibility and on-chain AI inference. It is designed to enable the development of decentralized AI applications on the blockchain.

Featured Solutions (Summarized)

  • Smart Contracts Development
  • Risk Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Advanced AI Trading
  • Blockchain Analytics
  • Code Explainer
  • Knowledge & Guidance
  • AI Code Auditor
  • Source of News
  • Documentations
  • Debugging
  • And more

ChainGPT AI Model

ChainGPT AI Model is your go-to AI tool for anything related to Crypto and Blockchain. From solidity development to smart contracts, pine script, and many other solutions, ChainGPT utilizes its advanced AI model. To understand how ChainGPT works, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the concepts behind this technology. It doesn’t matter if you’re a developer, a business, or a crypto/blockchain enthusiast; understanding the mechanism and technology behind ChainGPT AI can help you learn how to interact with it and improve your workflow. Our Whitepaper goes in-depth with each aspect of our AI: https://docs.chaingpt.org/.

ChainGPT is currently in its beta stages, and we’re working diligently to expand our final AI model. As a result, individuals and businesses can begin exploring the use cases and solutions our advanced AI model can offer. In its beta stage, ChainGPT is free for individuals and not yet accessible for developers and businesses via API. Once our utility token is released, we will make the 1.0 version available and SDK & API available for individuals, developers, and businesses. At that stage, ChainGPT will no longer be free, and users will have various pricing options.

ChainGPT Prototype vs. Official Version

ChainGPT Beta is already here, and it’s free. It’s the pilot version of ChainGPT AI and is extremely capable. If you love the beta, you will be amazed by the official performance, which is expected to be released by the end of February. The official version is trained on much more data than the beta version, with more capabilities when it comes to programming, is connected to the internet, can read blockchain live data, and much more!

$CGPT Token

ChainGPT Token ($CGPT) is the backbone of the ChainGPT ecosystem. It is the medium of exchange that individuals and businesses must use to access the advanced AI model that powers the ecosystem. In addition, the token offers a variety of benefits to its holders, making it a valuable asset for those looking to participate in the future of AI in the crypto and blockchain space. For example, CGPT will give holders & stakers access to the DAO system (proposal casting & voting).

ChainGPT Staking & Farming: An Overview

The ChainGPT ecosystem offers multiple staking and farming options for $CGPT token holders, mainly used to access the AI model and farming to earn rewards in $CGPT tokens. ChainGPT’s staking and farming mechanisms offer token holders the opportunity to earn rewards while supporting the stability and security of the network. Whether staking for access to the AI model or farming for tips, token holders can take advantage of these opportunities to grow their $CGPT holdings and contribute to the ecosystem’s growth.

ChatGPT vs. ChainGPT

ChatGPT is very limited regarding new resources, as it needs to be connected to the internet. ChainGPT, on the other hand, can pull on-chain live data, crypto prices, the latest news, and the newest research about technologies and generally stay up-to-date with accurate information. On top of that, ChatGPT has trained its model with approximately 1% of the information about Crypto & Blockchain; therefore, it needs to provide users with correct information. ChainGPT V1 is trained with over 95%+ data specific to Blockchain & Crypto, and the remaining being data like Technical Analysis. If that’s not enough, ChainGPT is designed to write smart contracts, audit smart contracts, analyze charts, technical analysis, AML solutions, and much more. An advanced AI model explicitly designed for blockchain can provide many use cases to developers, businesses, and individuals in this field. ChatGPT was not intended for the use cases we aim to deliver with V1.

Road Map:

Q1-Q2 2023 Summary:

Our primary goal for Q1–Q2 2023 will be to strengthen our AI model, the foundation of our technology and ecosystem, through our committed team’s ongoing efforts to develop it. By granting third-party developers and companies access to our API & SDK, we are also enhancing the capabilities of our AI model and enabling them to create unique solutions tailored to their requirements. The beta and official versions of ChainGPT chatbot, DevAssist browser extension, Staking & Farming DApp, ChainGPT News, IOS & Android chatbot app, prompt marketplace, Telegram/Discord/Slack AI bot, and our utility token $CGPT are just a few of the cutting-edge AI tools and products we will be releasing in Q1-Q2. The fuel that powers all of ChainGPT’s goods and services, $CGPT, will play a significant part in our ecosystem. The $CGPT token will be accessible through a DEX/CEX launch, a public utility token sale, and private utility token sales. In addition, we want to grow our technical team and advance our revolutionary blockchain technology powered by AI. We will use ChainGPT technology to create AI-powered tools like a trading bot and an NFT generation DApp. Also, we’ll grow our staff of software and machine learning engineers. Please see the list below for a detailed breakdown of our objectives and progress.

Q3-Q4 2023 Summary:

We are launching a testnet version of our layer-1 blockchain, optimized for AI smart contracts and on-chain models. Along with the test net, we will provide an explorer, a marketplace for AI models and tools, a web wallet, a wallet extension, wallet apps for IOS and Android, a custom Remix for smart-contract deployment, a wormhole (bridge), a decentralized exchange for ChainGPT tokens, and finally, the primary net release of the ChainGPT (testnet) blockchain. In Q3-Q4, we will continuously work on improving our AI model and adding functionalities. That includes open-source AI tools, SDKs for businesses, and more.

In Conclusion

ChainGPT’s V1.6 prototype offers a suite of advanced AI tools designed explicitly for the blockchain and crypto space. With an array of features like the AI Chatbot, Dev Assist, AI Solidity Smart Contract Generator, and Auditor, users can develop smart contracts, audit them, analyze charts, and receive guidance, among other benefits. The ChainGPT ecosystem is powered by the $CGPT token, which offers benefits to its holders and has staking and farming options. The company aims to strengthen its AI model and advance its revolutionary blockchain technology while providing developers and businesses access to its API and SDK. With the goal of launching a testnet version of its layer-1 blockchain optimized for AI smart contracts, ChainGPT is positioning itself as a game-changer in the blockchain space.