How to Swap $CGPT Tokens
As a decentralized digital asset built on open, permissionless blockchain technology, the $CGPT token is made maximally accessible through DEX interfaces.
Here is a simple guide to buying, selling, and trading the $CGPT tokens on decentralized exchanges.

Quick Start Guide:
1) Go to any DEX compatible with BNB chain
2) Specify the $CGPT token
3) Select the asset you want to trade
4) Specify the trade parameters
5) Swap tokens

1. Go to any DEX that is compatible with BNB Chain.

Being deployed to the BNB chain, $CGPT information is openly available for any decentralized exchange, explorer, or aggregator to identify.

Simply select your favorite/trusted/preferred venue.

$CGPT is currently listed:
- PancakeSwap
- KyberSwap
- BiSwap
- BabyDogeSwap
- RocketXchange
- Thena.Fi

In the future $CGPT will be available on more blockchain’s and therefore be available for acquiring via the DEX’s native to each network. We currently recommend utilizing BNBchain due to it having the most liquidity available, which in turn produces the most optimal price with the least slippage.

2. Find the $CGPT Token.

There are multiple different ways to find a $CGPT token listing. Of course, you can simply type it into the search bars. However, due to the nature of crypto, where mal-intentioned copy-cats attempt to subvert less technically inclined people by creating look-alikes with the same name, supply, and even logo; there is only the single fool-proof way to make sure that you are trading the only real $CGPT token and that is by inputting the contract address.

Smart Contract address

3. Select the Asset you want to trade Against

Once $CGPT is set in the trade, choose which asset you want to trade with.

For best results with the lowest price impact, lowest slippage, and highest number of tokens acquired, it is recommended that trade be done in the assets against which the $CGPT pools exist. In this case, the best options are either the stablecoins, USDT and BUSD, and BNB.

4. Specify the trade parameters

There are two types of parameters whenever talking about making a trade on a decentralized exchange; monetary and technical.

The monetary parameters simply refers to the size of the trade or amount of tokens you want to swap.

The technical parameters refers to the trade specifications such as the transaction speed, slippage tolerance, transaction deadline, and routing. These are best reserved for more experience traders, utilizing them wrong can result in failures or accidentally setting less favorable conditions than the standard. Keep it as simple and clean as possible. Minimize confusion by using the pre-set conditions that most (trusted) DEX platforms provide.

5. Swap tokens

After all the preconditions are ready, connect your wallet (if not already connected), click “Swap” and authorize the transaction by signing with your wallet.

If this is your first trade on a DEX, you might also need to set token approvals that will incur a minute gas cost before being able to complete a trade.

*Be advised, whenever trading out of $CGPT for the first time, you will have to set approvals for the token. This will only be required once, per platform.

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