ChainGPT integrates opBNB into its ecosystem
The dawn of a new era.
The evolution from fast to faster.
A new, ultra-scalable network joins ChainGPTs Infrastructure.

Binance, the home of ChainGPT’s $CGPT token and the most recognized brand in the crypto and Web3 industry, has recently announced the release of its layer two scaling solution that will supercharge its already flexible blockchain with technology that will transform the entire on-chain experience.

It is with open arms,
and a whole of of excAIment,
that ChainGPT welcomes the new opBNB network!

What is opBNB?

opBNB is a layer-2 scaling solution for the BNB/BSC network designed based on the optimistic rollup scheme. Synthesizing Optimism’s innovative Bedrock OP Stack with the vibrant communities of the Binance ecosystem and its incredible branding, opBNB looks to bring current distributed ledger platform capabilities to the next stage; something powerful enough to support the next influx of applications and users.

Here is a high-level overview of some opBNB features:

1. Performance and Scalability:
opBNB delivers a world-class grade of operational efficiency with its 100,000,000 (100M) Gas block limit, a throughput capable of handling over 4,000 transactions per second (TPS), and a 1-second block time.

2. Cost Efficiency:
The transition to rollup will compress transaction costs by an order of magnitude (10x) and stabilize network fees to be consistent. By comparing the cost of BNB/BSC network's average ~$0.05 transaction fee to the opBNB fee of ~$0.005, more space for creative applications become affordable. With greater stability around fees, the development environment becomes more predictable making for a better overall user experience.

3. EVM Compatibility:
opBNB build further on the interoperability and composability of the EVM, continuing to ensure seamless operation and interaction between a multitude of chains.

4. Gas Price Model:
opBNB adjusted the gas model from BNB/BSC chain’s auction to the industry leading solution, EIP-5991; creating a robust economic policy of burning fees based on network demands.

ChainGPT Integrating opBNB

Always supporting the BNB/BSC ecosystem, ChainGPT is making sure that it is leading by example and staying ahead of the game by integrating opBNB into our ecosystem as early as possible.

Integration into AI NFT Generator

ChainGPT’s AI NFT Generator has already plugged into the opBNB testnet and is available for interaction. Users can start minting their ideas and coordinating their communities on directly on the opBNB chain.

opBNB Testnet available on ChainGPT’s AI NFT Generator

ChainGPT AI Educated on opBNB

Our AI model has been fed the entire dataset of all available information on opBNB. Users can come now query anything about the technology and receive information within seconds; all through their familiar chat interfaces on the ChainGPT Chat application or the Official Telegram group.

Lets ask the ChainGPT AI about opBNB:

Prompt 1: How many transactions per second can opBNB support?
Response: opBNB can support over 4,000 transactions per second (TPS). This is calculated by considering the opBNB block gas limit which is 100M Gas. Each block can handle 4,761 transactions, which results in a TPS of 4761. This high performance makes opBNB an efficient layer-2 solution within the BNB ecosystem.

ChainGPT AI — How many transactions per second can opBNB support?

Prompt 2: Is opBNB chain live?
Response: As of the current information I have, opBNB is in its testnet phase. The testnet is live and available for users to explore. However, please keep in mind that information may change quickly in the crypto world, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest updates from official opBNB sources. You can visit their website at or check their Twitter account at for the most recent news.

ChainGPT AI — is opBNB chain live?

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