Kyber Network x ChainGPT Trading Campaign Launch

New opportunities for the $CGPT communities are being made available through the joint efforts of ChainGPT and our partner Kyber Network.

ChainGPT and Kyber Network have joined forces for a new $CGPT DEFI campaign. Named “Journey into BNB: The ChainGPT Quest For An Exclusive NFT”, users are invited to partake in an on-chain social DEFI adventure with tweeting, trading, providing liquidity, and of course, rewards!

Event Duration: ~17 days, 9 hours, 59 minutes

📅 Start Date: 08 June 2023 ~ 09:00 UTC
📅 End Date: 25 June 2023 ~ 16:59 UTC

💸 Reward Pool: $5,000 worth of $CGPT

How to Participate

  1. Go to the Galxe website ( )& search for “Journey into BNB: The ChainGPT Quest For An Exclusive NFT”, or follow this link: KyberCGPTCampaign
  2. Connect your wallet via the BNB chain.
  3. Complete missions.

How to Qualify

There will be a total of three (3) missions included in the campaign, users must complete them all in order to qualify for the reward.

  1. Retweet the social post (Here)
  2. Conduct a $CGPT trade on the BNB network (Aggregate trade must surpass a minimum of $50)
  3. Provide liquidity to the $CGPT/BUSD liquidity pool on KyberSwap classic (Detailed LP guide available here)

** Participants MUST conduct their activity through the Glaxe interface in order for their contributions to be accounted for. **

How to Claim

Within 10 minutes of satisfying all the mission requirements, users will automatically be given the opportunity to claim their honorary participation NFT in the Galxe dashboard. Maximum 1 NFT per user.

After the event concludes, qualified user that have the NFT will have their rewards airdropped into their wallets within 5–7 days.

Join the Adventure 👉 Kyber Network $CGPT Campaign 👈

Good luck cadets!
Rewards await!

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