May Partnership Recap — ChainGPT

Another month jam-packed with partnerships, product integrations, listings, and other key ecosystemic expansions of the ChainGPT professional network.

Bitgert x ChainGPT

Integrated our ChainGPT AI Telegram bot into their community group and trained ChainGPT on the Bitgert ecosystem and products, adding another powerful project into the Web3 AI database.
📣 Official Announcement

BiSwap x ChainGPT

Another expansion of the ChainGPT Web3 AI database by feeding it knowledge of BiSwap. Continuing to expand the economic footprint of $CGPT through a token listing and opening up a farming pool with 0.05x multiplier!
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AlveyChain x ChainGPT

Taking the Alveychain community to the next level by integrating the ChainGPT AI Telegram bot into their group. Likewise, trained ChainGPT’s AI on the Alveychain project to continue expanding the Web3 AI database.
📣 Official Announcement

RocketX x ChainGPT

Continuing to usurp the crypto and blockchain industry by adding another major project into the ChainGPT AI database. Included a $CGPT token listing on the RocketX CEX/DEX aggregator, in turn expanding available trading pairs and deepening liquidity.
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📣 Official Announcement

Shockwave x ChainGPT

Integrated the ChainGPT AI into the Shockwave gaming metaverse, allowing for users to interact with it in game, while simultaneously ingesting it’s knowledge base into the external ChainGPT AI information aggregator.
📣 Official Announcement

Cryptomus x ChainGPT

Increasing the $CGPT token utility by integrating into the Cryptomus payment rails. Inversely, integrated the Cryptomus payment rails into the ChainGPT Telegram group allowing our community to conduct payments right at home!
📣 Official Announcement

PIP x ChainGPT

Two pronged partnership. First, integrating the $CGPT token into the PIP payments ecosystem allowing users to do more with their $CGPT then ever before. Second, trained ChainGPT on PIP’s ecosystem and technology adding into the Web3 AI database.
📣 Official Announcement

Space ID x ChainGPT

ChainGPT integrates the Space ID domain extension database into the Web3 AI database and becomes capable of interacting with all the blockchain domains provided by Space ID (.arb .bnb .sei .eth and others).
📣 Official Announcement

DeCrypt x ChainGPT

Finalized full DeCrypt informational data set into the ChainGPT AI, identifying it as a trusted source for the New Feed functionality and completed roll-out of the “Getting Started with AI course”.
👨‍🏫 Course Launched

DappRadar x ChainGPT

Cross-pollinating communities through a joint incentives venture, Dappradar and ChainGPT have united their efforts in promoting AI in the Web3 industry. Of course, to signify our commitments, the ChaingGPT AI has absorbed all of the information on Dappradar into its database.
📣 Official Announcement

Star Protocol x ChainGPT

Adding the Star Protocol into our database and training ChainGPT on their project brings their omni-chain .SNS domain name service and social media aggregation engine into CGPT AI infrastructure.
📣 Official Announcement

Cookie3 x ChainGPT

Bidirectional integration of technologies, introducing AI infrastructure to Cookie3 and feeding the Cookie3 data set into ChainGPT’s AI.
📣 Official Announcement

BNBChain x ChainGPT

Fully consolidating the technologies of the BNBChain into the ChainGPT AI and listing ChainGPT on the official Binancian DAPP directory, dappbay.
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Ellipal x ChainGPT

Collaborating with Ellipal, a leading cold storage hardware provider, is giving both of our communities a chance to unite and allocating a place for $CGPT tokens to reside in their secured devices.
📣 Official Announcement

ChainGPT is always looking to grow its footprint, build relationships, and contribute to the industry. Many new partnerships will be taking place in the month of May!

If you are a project, or know of a project that would like to partner up please reach out to us here!

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